It’s The Little Things

That really do mean so much. Like getting a call, text, or email from someone just to let you know they love you, are thinking about you, and miss you…that always makes my day…ALWAYS!

Or, like this very special Mother’s Day Card I received from my nephew, Tom, and his lovely wife, Emily.


I was so surprised when I found this in the mail yesterday. The front of the card says “Moms put the “her” in hero, and the inside says “Happy Mother’s day to a mom who’s good for the world! How beautiful is that? Of course, I cried when I read it. Tom is the son of my late brother, Tom Jr. He looks so much like my late brother, and has so many of his same mannerisms, that sometimes I feel like I’m visiting with my brother as well when I visit with Tom. I am so very happy that we remain so close.

You might remember, Tom and his family, from a post I dedicated to them this past Christmas when they stayed a few days at our house. What a lovely family. They live in Texas so I don’t get to see them near as often as I would like, but we do stay in contact often.

Tom told me it was harder than he thought it would be to find a Mother’s Day card for me. I am just so touched that they took the time and effort to do that for me. It made my day and reminded me how much little acts of love and kindness really do mean. Like getting a card  in the mail…snail mail…with a hand written note inside it that is meant just for you…where you can actually hold it and place it on a shelf to read over and over… I love you and your family so very much Tom, and want you to know you are never far from my thoughts. Thank you for being you. 🙂

I treasure each and every little thing in my life, but what means the most to me are the people in my life who love and support me always. I am twice blessed because those same people in my life that I love so much also do unexpected things from time to time to let me know they love and miss me, or they thought about me while they were away… A very special friend of mine brings me some little gift from her travels throughout the world…, like the candle in the photo above. I don’t expect her to do that, but when she does…it is such a treat to hear all about her trips and what the item she bought is all about…and I display them all proudly in my home. 🙂

Another special friend of mine called and wanted to get together for my birthday last month. When she arrived she gave me this very special Lazy Susan. How beautiful is that? This was very unexpected and of course brought me to tears as well…I have this displayed proudly on my dining room table and will treasure it always.


I don’t know what I’ve ever done to have such wonderful, loving, caring family and friends in my life…all I know is I am truly blessed and I truly love and treasure each and every one of them to the moon and back and MORE!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    May 14, 2013 @ 22:58:25

    You my sweet have friends who care for you because you are such a giving and caring person! Love the Lazy Susan. That is so perfect for your table!!! Love you more! xoxo


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