My Friend, Bradley

I did a blog post about Bradley a while back. Bradley lives at the Skilled Nursing Care Center where my mother lives. He is 57 years old and just an experience of pure joy to be around. He is always smiling, happy, and eager to engage in conversation with anyone willing to listen to him. Bradley suffered a stroke, and shared with me that he has MS as well. He is strapped into his power chair to keep him upright, and his legs are bound with a strap to keep them from falling off the sides of the chair. But he never lets any of his many ailments stop him from sharing his joy of keeping his dreams alive and well.

This past Wednesday, while I was visiting with my mother in the activity room of the Care Center, Bradley came riding up in his battery-powered wheelchair with a big, bright, grin on his face. When he saw my mother and I, he asked if he could join us at “our table”. Of course we welcomed him to sit with us and as he settled his chair in next to us I asked him how he’s been doing. That’s all it takes to be entertained for hours by Bradley… he loves to talk, and he especially loves to tell you all about the latest “big thing” that he’s involved in. In the past, Bradley’s told me all about how he is going back to school, on-line, to get another degree to go along with his engineering degree, so he will know exactly what he is doing when he moves to Texas to hire a crew to help him buy up fixer-up houses, remodel them and flip them for profit… He also has big expectations of buying a real, full size gyro helicopter, so he can fly anywhere he needs to be without having to use commercial airlines and such.

On this visit Bradley told my mother and I that he started a new diet. He said he is just getting too big and since he can’t get out and run or even walk, he asked his doctor if he could start taking green coffee extract capsules for weight loss. Apparently his doctor agreed but told him they would need to monitor his heart, blood pressure, etc. more often to make sure his body tolerates it well, and he would need to limit his coffee drinking to no more than one cup per day. I asked Bradley if he had already started taking the green coffee capsules and he said yes. I asked him if they make him nervous or shaky or do they give him heart palpitations…Bradley looked at me with his beautiful boyish grin and said “well I’ve got MS anyway so I shake all the time, but because I also had a stroke, most of the time I don’t know it… so I really can’t tell any difference. Then he winked, and we all laughed! What a character that Bradley is. I so admire his happy spirit and the joy he always brings to those around him. I look forward to our next visit and hearing all about his next “big thing”.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    May 16, 2013 @ 17:03:17

    What an inspiration Bradley is! Thanks always for sharing your stories!! xoxo MORE!


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