Splish Or Splash

Which are you?

On Thursday my daughter, Shantel, wanted to go swimming. She asked me what the temperature of the pool water was and I told her it was 76 degrees. She said a friend of hers told her 75 degrees is the perfect temperature to swim because the body will adjust quickly to that temperature. So, we got our bathing suits on, lathered up with sunscreen, grabbed our towels and off we went to “go swimming”, well sort of…

Now, I’ve always been an all or nothing sort of gal, especially when it come to getting into the pool. I just jump right in and get it over with right from the get-go…so I consider myself a splash for sure.

Shantel, on the other hand, just can’t bring herself to make the full splash commitment. No, she would rather drag out the slow, cold, torture inch by agonizing inch as if she is trying to decide if she really wants to do it at all. She will get her feet wet, one at a time, until she is sure she can tolerate standing on the first step.


Now, I’m already in the water coaxing her to just jump right in all at once and telling her if she does she will start getting warm… but, no, she decides she should take handfuls of water and rub it on her to see how cold it really is.


I’m starting to do water exercise making waves and telling her that I’ve already warmed up. I continue to try to encourage her to just take the big plunge but she still isn’t sure…


OMG, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to drag this out…If I did that it would make me not want to ever go swimming at all.

So I keep telling her over and over to just dip your body down under the water, and start moving around, and you will realize after the first little shock that you will start to adjust to the water and it will be fine…

Finally, after much to-do and a lot of encouragement…Shantel finally went from splish to splash and we both had a fun-filled time in our backyard pool.


So Splish or Splash…which are you?

Stay Tuned?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    May 17, 2013 @ 22:47:54

    I have to admit that often I’m a splish…but give me a drink and I’m definitely a SPLASH! LOL! Love you both! More!


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