Reconnecting With Family

I had the pleasure of spending time this past week with my cousin, Matt, who lives back east, but was in Phoenix on a business trip. Matt is my mother’s nephew from her side of the family and I haven’t seen him for several years. Matt stayed in Scottsdale, which is on the other end of town from my house, but he made the trek to my house on Sunday for a great BBQ with my daughter, Shantel, my brother, Danny, our long time friends, Holly and Chuck, and myself. My husband, Bill, was supposed to be there as well, but he was called out-of-town to Pennsylvania on a business trip at the last-minute and spent the week there .

It was really nice to spend time visiting with Matt and getting caught up on the family news from my mother’s side of the family. We don’t see relatives from that side of the family much anymore. Seems like when my dad died all the visitors who came out to visit over the years just don’t anymore. I wonder why that is?

I love entertaining family and friends so I was very excited to have Matt make the effort to come to my house while he was in Phoenix. We spent hours and hours just talking and reconnecting our lives.. Then, later in the week, Matt said he wanted to go see my mother at the care center where she lives. So Matt came back to my house and we surprised mom with a visit from Matt. At first mom thought Matt was my husband, Bill, but once I told her it was her nephew, Matt, she quickly remembered him and they had a nice long visit. When Matt finally had to leave to go back home, I told him if he ever gets a chance to come back to Phoenix or the surrounding areas, he is always welcome at my house and we would be more than happy to show him, and his girlfriend, around our beautiful state. Matt said he would do that and I hope he does. Thanks Matt for reconnecting with me.

When my husband, Bill, finally got home at the end of the week, our daughter, Shantel, asked if we could go bowling together. We thought that would be a perfect way to “reconnect” as a family after Bill being away from home all week. So today, Saturday, off we went to the bowling alley. We got our bowling shoes on and picked out our bowling balls…


First up was Shantel. I walked her out to the point where the ball leaves your hand and lined her up…


Then, when she was ready, she “let her rip”…:)


Then it was my turn. I’ve only bowled a very few times in my life but I’ve watched people bowl and noticed you are supposed to look very intent at the pins just prior to taking aim…I guess that helps:)


Once I was sure those pins were not going to go anywhere unless I hit them with the ball…I gave it my best shot and guess what…YEP I got a STRIKE!!! Go me!!!


Then it was Bill’s turn.P1010817 and a good way to see how well his knees were going to hold up since he had them both replaced…he didn’t get a strike like me on his first THREE shots…(yep that’s right folks I got three strikes in a row…but who’s counting right…) but Bill did go on to win all the games in the end…so all is well that ends well…

We all decided none of us were going to win any trophies (although Bill said he has in his past lives…) and we didn’t even care that when our shots were done and we didn’t do so well there was a little cartoon showing on a TV screen just above our lane and all the little bowling pins in the cartoon were laughing at us…!!!


No, all we cared about was we were all together and we had a BLAST!!!

After our bowling games were over we went out for a fabulous lunch together and talked and laughed about how much fun we had and how good it feels to reconnect as a family…

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    May 27, 2013 @ 20:55:57

    WOW! You are frickin good! Three in a row? We should do this some time together. I love to bowl. Not good at it, but with some beers…you get better, right? love you and so happy that you all have some wonderful family time together. Love to all. MORE!


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