What About Friday?

Before my family moved to our home in Chandler Az, we lived in Ahwatukee. Part of our weekend routine included going to Wal-Mart every Saturday morning. Shantel loves Wal-Mart and many times after she finished her Wal-Mart shopping, Shantel would ask to go to Payless that is located in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Shantel likes that particular Payless because they carry a large selection of large size shoes. After we moved to Chandler, of course we don’t make that drive to that Wal-Mart or that Payless every Saturday and Shantel really missed checking out all the shoes that actually fit her… However, when Shantel and I started volunteering at Maggie’s Place on Friday’s it just so happens Maggie’s Place is very close to the Ahwatukee Wal-Mart and Payless stores. Now, we leave early on Friday mornings so we can stop at both Wal-Mart and Payless in Ahwatukee before making our way to Maggie’s Place…

For the past three Friday’s after leaving Wal-Mart at 9:00, we go across the parking lot to the Payless store only to find it isn’t open…The first time this happened we waited in the car for a few minutes after 9:00 then I went up and pulled on the door which is always locked…we waited some more…but no one came to open the store so we finally decided the employee who was supposed to open the store is just late so we give up and leave.

The next week the exact same thing happens.. but this time I told Shantel there was a hiring sign posted in the window…we decided that must be because they fired the employee who was always late and are now in the process of hiring a new employee but just haven’t found one yet. We even decided Shantel should call the store and tell the manager she is looking for a job and she would make sure the store was open on time everyday…

The following week, yep, same thing…When we were walking out of Wal-Mart Shantel asked me if Payless is open and I said it wasn’t looking too promising because I couldn’t see any cars around it and it didn’t look like the store was open…but, we are hopeful that this time Payless will be open so we off we go again to check it out. We decided we had enough time this week that we will wait in the car until it is almost time to go to Maggie’s Place so we could see just how late this store gets open and perhaps we will get a chance to see a manager and make our complaint…

We leave Wal-Mart at 9:00 so if by chance the store is open like it’s supposed to be… we will have plenty of time to look in Payless before we have to be at Maggie’s Place at 10:00…but yet again the store is not open… We sit in the car for a few minutes, I get out again and check to see if the door is locked which it is…I get back in the car and begin to look at the front door where the store hours are posted and I tell Shantel I don’t know what the problem is because the sign clearly says open Saturday at 9:00! Then Shantel says “what about Friday?”… OMG, that’s when reality hits me that it is Friday not Saturday. Payless opens every day at 10:00 except Saturday when they open at 9:00…In the past we always went there on Saturday morning’s and I completely forgot we were now going on Friday morning’s…Shantel started laughing and said “well at least I have an excuse because I’m blind”… I said “well Papa told me when he was drafted into the Army during the Viet Nam war the Army would take anyone from eight to eighty, blind, cripple or crazy…but somehow I don’t think even the Army would take us if they found out about our little Payless episode…”

Shantel and I laughed all the way to Maggie’s Place and agreed we were grateful we didn’t get to talk to the store manager about Payless not opening on time for three Friday’s in a row… Shantel told me to be sure to do a blog post about this because she will look back on it and have a good laugh for years to come… I said I would and told her “I’m nothing if not fun”…

Stay Tuned!

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