Pool Noodles

Our refrigeration unit went out Saturday afternoon and even though I like hot weather…I don’t like my house to be hot!!! So, what to do..? We called our refrigeration service people and while we were waiting for the technician to come and give is the bad news that our 17-year-old trane unit is going to cost more to fix than to replace…(we thought we could get through one more summer but it just wasn’t meant to be so we are scheduled to have a quote Monday on a new refrigeration unit) Anyway, while we were waiting for the tech to arrive I decided I was going to go jump in the pool and use our new pool noodles we bought yesterday. Shantel wanted to know what pool noodles were and how you use them…that my dear friends is easier said to you than trying to show Shantel how to get on them…especially after last weeks disaster with the giant rocking pool horse I bought…

You see, I bought a HUGE, two person rocking pool horse last week and was so excited about sharing the bonding pool experience of ridding a giant rocking pool horse with my beautiful daughter, Shantel. My husband, Bill, spent a LONG time blowing it up by mouth because it wouldn’t fit on our automatic pump…and I had Shantel all convinced that we were going to have sooooooooooooo much fun the next day rocking and rolling on our pool horse together…but, sadly, the horse was flat-out dead the next morning…apparently the victim of an unidentified slow leak…I felt bad about the horse, but I felt even worse about having to let Bill know all his efforts to blow the horse up by mouth, were for not…

Anyway…back to the pool noodles. I explained to Shantel that of course the first thing you have to do to ride pool noodles is get in the pool… As I’ve mentioned before, I prefer the quick, all or nothing, method of getting in the pool.



But, Shantel still is not convinced that is her prefered way to go about getting her body wet. She still thinks it better to go inch by agonizing inch so to each their own…I’ll wait…


And wait…and wait…P1010835

Then, once Shantel was actually in the water, I began the process of trying to help her “see” how to get on your pool noodle and use it like a floating chair…let’s just say there is not graceful way to do that but I’ll try almost anything to help my daughter have fun with me..


So after falling off more than a few times, and laughing so hard I couldn’t talk to tell Shantel how to get on her pool noodles…Shantel finally give up and said she didn’t want a pool noodle chair anymore.

Then, by the time I finally got up on my pool noodle chair, Shantel said she was ready to get out of the pool:)


Party Pooper!!!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 20:00:49

    I so love this! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is for you to document the every day things in her life. One day she’s going to look back on all of these posts and get so much enjoyment and will feel all that love you and bro have for her… xoxo MORE!


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