Family Dynamics

Yesterday I posted a blog post tilted “love from a distance” where I talked about my late brother Stephen and my ongoing estranged relationship with my 40-year-old daughter, Katie,  Shantel’s  biological Mother.

At first I thought I shouldn’t post her response because of her potty mouth…I don’t want to subject my readers to that…but apparently she thinks I have something to hide which I don’t. Let me just preference this with saying she is correct in saying my husband, Bill, and I came together through infidelity. That in and of itself is true, but I don’t see how that relates to the situation concerning her relationship with Shantel and or Bill and I… I ‘m now going to post her response to my latest blog post in its entirety potty mouth and all… I welcome your response…Please know I would not post any of this because of her potty mouth but she insists I don’t let her side of the story be told…Because my blog is about family and my unique perspective of motherhood…this is as real as it gets…judge for yourself… 

Katie commented on Love From A Distance

First off all no one disrespected you at all. Maybe you should think on how you lied this whole time about Shantel trust me I got prove so don’t even go there you think I am stupid and I forgot what happen trust me I know what everything that has happen for all these years I let you just let you pull me into your fucked up ways and that everybody is wrong and you are right. Everyone has done you wrong and you haven’t done nothing at all. All my life you have talk shit about me and everything even at PCS O yeah I got prove on that to so don’t even try to say nothing at all. You cheated on my dad and act like you the fuckn goddess like you don’t do nothing wrong. You have brain wash Shantel so bad like we did I ever say I didn’t want her or I was going to put her up for adoption never but you want to post all this bull shit about me on your stupid ass blog. Like I wouldn’t find out about this. You want to post how my life is fuck up and I need professional help do you even know how my life is going or anything about my life no you don’t so keep my name out of your mouth. About Marcus that is your choice not to talk to him not mine he has hes on phone number and everything but you want to treat him bad so don’t talk to him at all and I don’t want to here hes name out of you mouth at all. So go ahead and post this shit of what I said to you. But remember what comes around goes around. You should even put things about Uncle Stephen either you are so fuck up in the head its not even funny, So keep my name and my sons name out of you mouth and stop posting about me because you don’t even know me or about my life and for you to say all this shit to Shantel that not true I swear if I could turn back time she would be with me and not you. You want everyone to feel sorry for you and didn’t do nothing to anybody whatever. I wish you never adoptive mother. I mean that on everything you are a evil person so you need to forget about me and keep my name and my uncle name off of your stupid blog. Maybe you should tell everyone how you left me places because you didn’t want to deal with me or maybe you should tell them how you were going to put me in a shelter. But it’s okay you are going to saying something on this I don’t even care at all.


My response to Katie…

First of all you don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t say or who I talk about on my blog. I will say what I want and I certainly don’t take orders from you…If you don’t like what I say on my blog stay off of it. It’s my blog not yours. I thought you said the last time you were on my blog that you were not ever going to read it again so why are you?

If you have so much to say why didn’t you say it when you, Shantel and I were all together to discuss family issues instead of walking out saying you weren’t going to talk about the past? You had the perfect chance then to tell Shantel your side of the story but you choose to run out, yet again. You don’t want to discuss things in person but you have no problem hiding behind an email. Very typical.

Well sweetheart, no matter what…I still love you rather you like it or not and the door is still open if you ever want to clean up your potty mouth and talk like a civilized person instead of venting your rage in the secrecy of an email.



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