Birthday Party

Yesterday, our neighbors across the street had a birthday party for one of their children. We watched as a children’s party rental company set up a HUGE water slide/pool in their backyard for the special event.


Once the water slide/pool was in place, our neighbors spent the rest of the morning, and early afternoon, preparing their backyard for the party guests.. They put up several umbrella’s to provide lots of shade and set up lots of food and beverage stations. In addition, they had party decorations everywhere…I know by the time the party started the parents had to be exhausted, but they kept smiling and welcoming each and every child and parent that came to join in the birthday celebration.

When the party guests arrived, the fun was on…the neighborhood was filled with the joyful sound of children laughing and squealing with delight as they climbed the ladder in the middle of the slide and waited their turn to slide down into the fresh, cool, water below…


When our daughter, Shantel, heard all the laughing and commotion going on and on, she asked what was happening. I told her about the huge water slide/pool our neighbors had in their yard for the children’s birthday party. As I was trying to explain how huge the water slide/pool was to Shantel, she said “oh, how cool, I wish I could have had something like that for my birthday when I was little.” I explained to Shantel that we always had big birthday parties for her every year, and when she was in the third or fourth grade, we had a huge bouncing house set up in our backyard for two days for her birthday party. I told her how she and I bounced in the bouncing house for hours the day before the party, and in fact I couldn’t hardly get her to come out of the bounce house because she said she wanted to sleep in it that night. I told her on the day of the party, all the party guests bounced in the bouncing house with her. Shantel said she doesn’t remember any of that… Are you kidding me? It made me think of how many times parents spend lots of money on Christmas or birthday gifts for their children only to find they would rather play in the box the gifts came in…go figure!

I wanted to go across the street and tell our neighbor not to be offended if in fifteen years or so their child says he doesn’t remember anything about the water slide/pool party they spent all their time and money on to make his special day “special”…but, I decided some things you just can’t warn people about, they just have to find out for themselves…It’s all just part of the journey of life:)

I can hardly believe our beautiful daughter, Shantel, is turning 20 on June 16th.  We are having a gathering of friends and family to celebrate her special day. Shantel’s placed her order for the food and the cake she wants. It’s funny, no matter how old she gets…she still wants to have a birthday party…That’s our girl!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 18:26:49

    The perfect example as to why your blog is so important to Shantel. She’ll read this years from now and be thrilled to read about all the parties even if her memory fails! xo


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