My Bill

My funny, funny, Bill, aka, Papa, aka Bro.

Since yesterday was Father’s Day, I wanted to help Shantel make Bill’s special day everything her Papa, my husband, Bill/Bro wanted it to be for him. We started the day off giving Bill his Father’s Day cards. After reading several cards to Shantel she picked this one for her Papa. I told Bill Shantel sure has him pegged right wouldn’t you say?

P1010876                   P1010877

This card was the first card I picked up and I thought it was perfect for my Bill.

P1010881                    P1010880

After church, I made Bill his favorite breakfast of potatoes, eggs, mushrooms, with roast beef and swiss cheese melted on top of it all. Not exactly Weight Watchers friendly, but we decided this weekend was special and we would get right back on track on Monday.

After breakfast, the day was all Bill’s to do whatever he wanted to do. He decided he wanted to just relax in the “man cave’ and watch races on TV. Our cat, Carmen, decided that might be a perfect place for her to relax too.


For dinner, Bill wanted pizza from Oregano’s and Guinness Black Lager. So that’s what he got!

P1010884                       P1010886

Bill hasn’t had anything to drink for about three months as he has been dedicated to his Weight Watchers program. So, the effects of this Guinness Black Lager seemed to hit him pretty fast…this is Bill enjoying his first Guinness. 🙂


After dinner we moved to the family room where Bill, Shantel, and I visited and enjoyed each other’s company, and Bill enjoyed a second bottle of Guinness while I was enjoying my wine. Bill said “after not having anything to drink for three months, this tastes sooooooooooo good.” 🙂


A short while later Bill said “oh what the hell, it’s Father’s Day, I think I’m going to enjoy one more Guinness”. That’s when things got really funny… 🙂 A commercial for Soy Sauce was on TV when I said “if we were going to track your Father’s Day food/drinks, I wouldn’t even know where to start”.  Bill started laughing so hard he could hardly talk. When he finally got his breath, he looked at me as if he had good sense right then and said “buy Kikkoman’s.”  Well, then I started laughing with him, and the more I laughed the more he laughed until we both were laughing so hard we were crying… and that got Shantel laughing too… I mean we had the best time right there in our family room, just the three of us, laughing up a storm over absolutely nothing…but that’s just one of the MANY reasons why I so LOVE my funny, funny Bill.


I guess you had to be there!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 19:06:42

    I love it! Sounds like a wonderful time and wish I could’ve been there! So happy everyone had a wonderful weekend! xoxo mORE!


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