Sharing Five Of Six

Of our beautiful grandchildren.

When we received these beautiful pictures of our grandchildren, who live in Colorado, it reminded me, once again, just how much I miss having our family all together. We all do our best to stay connected, but still, I can’t help feeling like our grandchildren are growing up without us, and that makes me sad…However, it also gives me many opportunities to get excited about going to visit them, or having them come home to visit us… Since my blog is all about family, I thought I would take this opportunity to share these latest pictures of our grandchildren:

This is our oldest granddaughter, Alex. Alex just turned 17 this past March, and is the oldest daughter of Bill’s daughter, Katie. Alex is such a fun, sweet, girl to be around. She is very involved in Marching Band at her High School and in fact is getting ready to go away to Marching Band Camp.


This is one of our twin grandchildren, Aiden. Aiden is 10 years old, loves basketball and video games, and is the son of Bill’s son, Patrick, and our beautiful daughter-in-law, Celina.


This is Aiden’s twin sister, Bailey. Bailey is the oldest daughter of Patrick and Celina. Bailey and I have been pen pals, off and on, for a long time now. She writes me letters telling me all about what is going on in her life and I write back letting her know what all is going on in our lives..


This is Emma, the youngest daughter of Bill’s daughter, Katie and is Alex’s sister. Emma ran in the Girls On The Run 5k race this year and we were so proud to hear she did so well. We only wish we could have been there to cheer her on.


And, last, but certainly not least in any way…is our youngest granddaughter, Hope. Hope is the youngest daughter of Patrick and Celina. Hope gets in on some of the pen pal activities with me too. She sends me drawings and I send her little thank-you gifts through the mail just like I do for her big sister, Bailey.


Having our children and grandchildren live out-of-state is always so hard, but we do stay connected through Skype, phone calls, texts, emails, and yes, sometimes even snail mail pen pals in between visits! If it were not for all of that, I just might have to consider moving to Colorado, and braving the COLD Colorado winters to be with all of them…now that’s family love!

Stay Tuned!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 23:01:20

    They are all so adorable and growing up so fast! But, not sure if I’d see Colorado in your future…but one never can tell where life will lead us, right? xoxo MORE!


  2. Celina
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 03:34:21

    What an awesome looking group of kiddos! Not that I am biased or anything! hehe Even though it is still summer, we all are greatly looking forward to you all visiting us this winter. I’m guessing none of you will like the weather too much compared to your sunny Phoenix, but hey at least it will be a change of scenery for a bit. :0) We love you!


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 09, 2013 @ 12:05:39

      I totally agree with the awesomeness of this group of kiddos, not that I’m biased either… Yes, we are so excited about coming to Colorado for Christmas. In fact, we’re counting the days. We won’t mind the weather as long as we are all together again all will be well. Love and miss all of you. Virginia


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