They’re Mine

Every Wednesday, volunteers from a near by Catholic Church, come to the Care Center where my mother lives, and holds a Catholic Church Service for any residents that want to attend. Part of the service includes recital of the rosary. The volunteers bring extra, hand-made rosaries for any residents to use if they don’t have a rosary, or perhaps they can’t find the rosary they have… What usually ends up happening is the residents will “borrow” one of the hand-made rosaries but then forget to give it back after the service. Because of that, it has become necessary to have a group of church volunteers meet every week to make new hand-made rosaries so they always have a ready supply. They are all made out of different colored string and the beads are all hand-knotted. Last week the volunteers laid out several of the beautiful hand-made rosaries on the table for the residents to use.

When my friend, Sharon, the lady in the middle (you may remember her from a previous post she loves TWIX candy bars),


when Sharon saw these pretty blue rosaries,

P1020037 - Copy

she just had to have them.

In fact, she wanted them so badly, she claimed “they’re mine”. My mother, sitting next to Sharon, told Sharon the rosaries are not yours, they belong to the volunteers from the church and they need them back at the end of the service. By this time Sharon already had the pretty blue rosaries in her hand and was saying “they are mine, I’ve had them for years, my family gave them to me for Christmas years and years ago.” Again, my mother told Sharon the rosaries were not hers and she was not allowed to keep them. Without looking up, Sharon began fingering the beads and telling us how her beloved son, Steven, bought them for her last week ( notice how the story changed) when he brought $50,000 dollars up to put in her account at the Care Center so she could have anything she needed. Sadly, in the five years I’ve been visiting my mother at the care center, I have never seen anyone ever visit Sharon. But, in her mind, Sharon believes her son Steven comes… it breaks my heart, and even now brings tears to my eyes to hear her speak of him.

My mother began to get agitated  with Sharon and said you can’t even buy those rosaries because they are not for sale. They belong to the church volunteers and you can’t keep them.

My mother has her own rosaries that my father bought her many years ago. He said he ordered them from Ireland and they are a beautiful shade of green. My mother treasures them and uses them every week. So I said to my mother, ” you know how much your rosaries that dad bought mean to you…, why don’t you ask the church volunteers if they would mind letting Sharon keep the pretty blue rosaries since it would mean so much to her and then you would both have a beautiful pair of rosaries you treasure… and, don’t you think that would be what the blessed mother would want for both of you?” I said I surly don’t think the blessed mother would want you or Sharon to fuss over a pair of rosaries… My mother thought about that for a moment and decided that might be a good thing to do and she did ask the church volunteer if Sharon could keep the pretty blue rosaries… The church volunteer said “yes, of course, Sharon can keep the blue rosaries thank-you for asking…. Sharon, looked up at the volunteer and said “you mean I can keep these rosaries?” The volunteer smiled and said yes you can keep them consider them a gift…Sharon said ” thank-you, I appreciate it, because “they’re mine…”

Gotta LOVE it!

Stay Tuned

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  1. katsbynp
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 21:48:30

    What a wonderful post to read after a busy day. Working with many elderly people this is so true. I feel so bad for Sharon and those like her whose families don’t come to see them. Thank you for sharing.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 15, 2013 @ 22:56:49

      Thanks for your continued support and responses to my blog Kathy, I so appreciate it. Yes, your right, it is so sad when people put their family members in a care center then just forget about them… so sad.


  2. gotham girl
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 22:38:47

    Oh…gotta love her!!! xoxo


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