The Baby Shower

My 86-year-old mother who lives in a 24/7 skilled nursing center, called me yesterday all out of breath asking me to go to the store and buy a baby shower card, gift bag, tissue paper to match the gift bag, and bring it all up to her ASAP! Now, you have to know I’m wondering what in the world does she need all that for to begin with, so I asked her.

Me:  Mom, why do you need all this?

Mom:  Because, Chili, (one of the male nurses) wife is having their first baby, and he invited me, Sherry, and some other’s to come to the baby shower their having at his house. Sherry already bought two baby gifts, one for me and one for her to give to Chili and his wife but you need to give Sherry $10.00 for my gift.

Me:  When is the baby shower?

Mom :  Sunday at 2:00 P.M.

Me:  Well, since Danny (my brother), comes on Sunday morning, perhaps he can bring you the items you need.

Mom:  O.K. I’ll try to call Danny but I don’t know if I can reach him.

Me:  Do you want me to call Danny?

Mom:  Yes, because I’m really tired, I’ve had a busy day playing bingo and stuff, and I didn’t even get my nap yet.

Me:  O.K. I’ll call Danny now and get back to you later.

I hang up the phone with mom and call my brother, Danny. I ask him if he is going to visit mom on Sunday and he tells me he was going to but mom told him she was going to a baby shower so he didn’t need to come. I said “oh, I was going to ask you  to take her a baby shower card, gift bag and tissue, but if you aren’t going up, don’t worry about it, I’ll go get the things she wants and run it over to her.”

I hang up the phone with Danny and call the nurses station to ask them to have my mother call me back since she can’t hear her phone when it rings. The duty nurse said she would go get my mother and bring her up to the desk phone.

When my mother gets on the phone I told her I would go get the baby shower items she needed and bring them up to her. There was a long pause, then my mother asked me if Danny wasn’t going to come to see her on Sunday. I told her that Danny said she told him not to come because she was going to the baby shower… Mom didn’t say anything so I asked her the following questions:

Me:  Mom, how are you going to get to the baby shower?

Mom:  Danny will take us?

Me:  But, you told Danny not to come up on Sunday.

Mom:  I don’t know why I did that.

Me:  Did he agree to take you and Sherry to the baby shower?

Mom:  Yes, but I’m going to call him to make sure.

Me:  Mom, I’m not sure Chili really meant for you, Sherry, and the other’s to really come to his house for a baby shower because first of all, you are all in wheelchairs and I’m sure he doesn’t have a car big enough to transport all of you. And second, what are you going to do if you have to use the rest room…Chili isn’t going to be able to handle all of you ladies in his home while he and his wife are trying to participate in their baby shower… Why don’t you just take the little gifts you and Sherry bought, put them in the pretty gift bags with the card I’ll bring up, and give the gifts to Chili the next time he is on duty?

Mom:  O.K. that sounds like it will work.

Me:  I’ll being the baby shower items up to you tomorrow.

Mom:  O.K. I’ll see you then but hurry so I don’t have to worry about you getting everything to me on time.

Fast forward to this morning:

My husband, Bill, and I ran out to Fry’s grocery store early this morning and purchased the items my mother requested for the baby shower. When we arrived at the nursing center, my mother was just finishing her breakfast. She was glad to see us and asked us to take her back to her room. When we got to mom’s room I showed her the card and gift bag/tissue paper. Mom asked me to read the card to her because she couldn’t see the words very well.  When I read the card to mom she smiled and said “that will be great.”

Bill and I stayed a while to visit with my mother. We took her to the activity room but the other residents had not come back from breakfast yet so mom asked us to take her back to her room where we visited with her for a while longer. Finally I told her we had to go. When I went to hug my mother good-bye, I said ” now mom, don’t you think it’s a much smarter idea to just keep the baby shower gifts you and Sherry bought for Chili and give them to him the next time he is on duty instead of all of you trying to go to Chili’s house for the baby shower? Mom looked up at Bill and I with wild wide eyes and said “well we’re not too smart around here.” At that we all had a good laugh… 🙂

May God Bless Us All With Our Aging Parents…

Gotta love it!

Stay Tuned!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aunt Ellen
    Jul 27, 2013 @ 19:57:40

    That’s why I love my sister!!!! She is so unpredictable and can say the funniest things. She may have her bad days, but she has many good ones and your Aunt Kathleen and I cannot believe how much she remembers and when she calls us she sounds so happy. Brags about you and Danny and the grandkids and tells us how good you guys are to her. Thank you and Danny and the kids for being so good to her. It means so much to me, as she was always good to us.


  2. katsbynp
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 03:19:14

    Thanks you for sharing this story. I imagine that is how my mom would react as well. You brought a smile to my face.


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