The Best Me

My cousin, Kathy, who lives in Pennsylvania, recently started writing a blog. She said reading my blog gave her the inspiration to start one of her own. You can find her blog at Kathy is a very accomplished woman. She sets goals for herself and works hard to reach those goals. She is a nurse practitioner, and blogs about life after fifty, her family, DIY projects, and staying healthy.

I follow Kathy’s blog. I always try to leave a comment on her blog topics as a show of support to her blog, as well as showing my interest in the topics she writes about, and in appreciation for her sharing some of herself through her blog. Kathy’s blog has allowed me to get to know her a little bit better through her writings as we didn’t have the opportunity to grow up together, and I haven’t seen Kathy since I was in grade school.

Yesterday, Kathy documented on her blog, her weight loss, calorie intake, and exercise goals for the remainder of this year. She read a book that recommends writing your goals down and sharing them as a way of holding yourself accountable to reaching your goals. I believe in that as well. I lost over 100 pounds, thirty years ago, following the Weight Watcher’s Program where I learned the importance of setting goals, and documenting your food intake and exercise plans daily. I believe writing things down does help keep you focused and accountable. If you ever struggled with weight issues, I’m sure you know how easy it is to stray from a healthy food and exercise plan. Having a documented plan helps ensure your never at a loss as to what you need to do. Just follow the plan…

I told Kathy in my comment on her blog that I have every confidence she will stick to her plan and reach all her goals. I told her she is not alone as I continue to practice my food/exercise plan everyday here in Arizona. I shared with her that what helps me is not comparing myself to anyone else. I just get up everyday and follow my plan of eating right and getting my exercise in right from the get go. For me, this means getting out of the house and on my walking trail by 5:30 a.m. or as soon as the sun comes up so I can see where I’m going. If I don’t get my exercise in first thing in the morning, I find my day tends to get away from me. In order to avoid that, I have made exercise my TOP PRIORITY.

I find when I stick to my food and exercise plan, I feel better, and if everything else in my day were to go to hell in a hand basket…, at least I know I did the best I could for myself that day to be “the best me”.

Over the years I’ve learned that being “the best me” means I take the necessary time and effort to nurture my whole self, mind, body, and spirit. I do this by eating the right food in the right portions, getting the right exercise everyday for keeping myself healthy, setting aside time everyday for prayer and meditation, finding ways to help others within my abilities and means, and making sure I set aside time everyday to do something I enjoy doing.

Through my therapy sessions I’ve also learned the importance of “healthy selfish. My therapist told me healthy selfish is “the ability to take care of oneself, to find and achieve joy, happiness, comfort & love for thyself. Especially, when you have others around that suck the life from you. In other words, the ability to fill up your own tank”. Coming to understand all that, and putting it into daily practice, is what helps make me “the best me” I can be.

What are some things you do to make you the best you?

Stay Tuned!

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  1. katsbynp
    Aug 13, 2013 @ 02:30:27

    I am very appreciative of your kind comments about my blog and the link to my blog as well as your support. I am so glad I started reading your blog and that we have been able to reconnect through our blogs. I am happy I have a buddy for my goal to get healthy. Hoping next year we can write a post on our blogs about spending time together if I can get some time to come out and visit.


    • beyondcinderella
      Aug 13, 2013 @ 19:17:03

      Thanks Kathy, I hope we will be able to get together in person as well. You know your welcome to come to Arizona and stay with us anytime. I’ll get the family together so everyone can spend time catching up with each other…


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