Sense of Humor

I posted a while back that my daughter, Shantel, is taking what I think is a fabulous class, “The Art of Storytelling”. She doesn’t really like the class because a lot of the stories they read are folktales, myths, or stories about make-believe things… Because Shantel is totally blind, it’s always been hard for her to grasp stories about things that aren’t real. That’s the reason when she was in grade school and the Harry Potter books were all the rage, Shantel had no interest at all in getting them in a brailed version or even on a CD. When she was in high school, she really struggled in her language art class when they were studying things like Dante’s Inferno, because again, too many things she just could not relate to at all… It’s hard to imagine something that isn’t real like a flying dragon etc. when you’ve never seen even a picture of a dragon…

Yesterday, each of the students in Shantel’s storytelling class were assigned the story they will tell to the class. The instructor had them begin practicing to tell their story by having the whole class all stand in front of the classroom wall, all at the same time, and tell their story to the wall. So, no one was paying attention to what the other students were saying because, they were busy telling their own story to the wall. This exercise was the first step in getting the students comfortable with just telling their story out loud, before they begin telling their story to an audience next week.

After all the students had plenty of time to tell their story to the wall several times…they returned to their seats and the instructor went around the room and had each student stand up and tell the class how telling their story to the wall felt for them.

When the instructor got to Shantel and asked her how telling the story to the wall felt, Shantel said she just smiled and said “It really didn’t make me feel any different at all because I’m used to talking to a blank space…” Shantel said the whole class erupted in laughter. 🙂 That’s our girl!

Shantel’s always had a beautiful sense of humor. I can honestly say, as we’ve traveled our journey with Shantel after her loss of sight, it was always her “sense of humor” that shined through, even in the toughest of times, and that’s what helped me cope the most.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Sep 11, 2013 @ 20:09:29

    So LOVE this post! That’s our girl! I think this is a great opportunity for her…she may not think so now, but it is! What would we do without our sense of humor. The best coping RX out there! Love you and counting the days!


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