Stop, Drop, and Relax

If we could all just learn to stop, drop, and relax like this, no matter what else is going on around us,


don’t you just know the world would be a much better place?

Imagine all the stress related illnesses that could be eliminated if we humans could just learn to really, really, relax, like our furry friends do.

Many times, as I’m working at the desk (above), our precious little kitty, Carmen, will jump right up on my work space and just chill right out. She doesn’t give a hoot what I’m trying to do. If I happen to have papers, books, or other items on the desk, she will just welcome herself to lay right on top of whatever happens to be there when it comes time for her cat nap.

Even if I try to call her down, or attempt to pick her up and move her, she will just snuggle down even more, close her eyes, and go to sleep.


It’s as if she’s saying “everything else can wait, the world will keep spinning, but right now, nothing is more important than having a cat nap.”

I think we could all learn valuable lessons from our furry friends, if we would just take the time to stop, drop, and relax, like they do… 🙂

My family and I are so enjoying this long, Labor Day weekend together. But, with all the busy activities, and fun we’re having, I found myself saying… “Cat Nap anyone?”

Stay Tuned!

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