NYC/Vermont – Part Three

Something strange, but wonderful, happened to me while I was in New York/Vermont. My friend, Megs, started telling me about how she, Audrey, and Robin (aka frissy), all assigned themselves new names the last time they were in New York City together, and they would use those names when they went out to play in the city. Megs suggested I assign myself a new name that I could use as well. I don’t know how it came to me, but I said “How about Bella”? Megs laughed and said “yes, Bella fits you perfectly.” So Bella it was.  Meet Bella:

My Pictures

Bella became my alternate personality throughout the trip. She would stay inside Virginia all day, quietly resting, but at night…, OMG, at night, Bella would come out to play…And play she did…!!!! She would be the first to show up in the fun-box and the last to leave every night… 🙂 Bella would even exhaust Virginia. 🙂 But, OH, what fun she had!!!

When Abby came over to the cabin the first evening to meet Megs, Audrey and I (she and frissy are already great friends), as the evening unfolded…Abby got a glimpse of Bella. I, Virginia, was a little nervous for Bella to come out while Abby was there. But, there was no need for worry, because Abby took to Bella straight away.

Abby invited us to come to her home the next evening to have a drink. What a treat that was… I thought nothing could match the beauty of the cabin, but I was so, so, wrong… This is the back of Abby’s home. I just had to take a photo so I could show my husband Bill/Bro, that I was really invited for a drink in such an out of this world home… OMG Abby’s home is breathtaking. And, Abby gave us the full tour telling us she designed this home and had it built to her specifications. Everything in her home is “to die for”, in my opinion, from her kitchen that puts the Food Network to shame, to her walk-in closet that holds all her seasonal decorations, china’s, and everything you could imagine for entertaining.  I made sure Bella stayed inside Virginia, and was on her BEST behavior, as I was nervous enough just to have myself/Virginia, walking around in Abby’s beautiful home. But Abby made us all feel very comfortable, and told us stories about her life as we sipped champagne with her on her back deck. All I could think was, WOW!!!


This is the pond in Abby’s backyard. Abby said she swims in the pond and even has a little boat she gets in and paddles around the pond in. The views on Abby’s property are beyond description, at least for me.


We left Abby’s home knowing she and Robert would join us for dinner/drinks at the cabin the next evening. Virginia and Audrey cooked the dinner, but Bella came out to play for sure!! 🙂

Thank you Abby, for inviting me into your beautiful home, and sharing some of the stories of your life. I’m so glad I finally got to meet you and I’m forever grateful for your hospitality.

Stay Tuned for Emerald Lake Park, and so much more!!!

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  1. gotham girl
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 12:26:35

    I so LOVE Bella!!!


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