Bella Goes To Art Class

When Frissy, Megs, Audrey and I first arrived in Vermont, frissy told us all to start looking for two small rocks. She said she would tell us what to do with them later in the week. After spending five glorious days in Vermont, enjoying the beautiful fall colors in the ever changing trees, exploring the huge country store that offered samples of every kind of cheese, crackers, dips, chips, candy and more…, taking long walks in the woods, and spending the most relaxing, fun-filled evenings in our fun-box…, I just thought nothing could make our time at the cabin any better. But, one evening frissy told us about a special fall equinox ceremony she found for us to share. We lit incense, and frissy handed each of us a beautiful fall equinox message, each wrapped in a special ankle bracelet. She also gave us each a small Budda. She asked each of us to read the fall equinox message, and think about what the message meant to each of us at that very moment in our lives… This is the message we read:

“The Fall equinox is always a time to revisit your intentions as well as to be in gratitude for your harvest whatever it may be. Acknowledge all that you have at this time and focus on the abundance of the harvest rather than any lack. The equinox is also a time to think about cleaning, pruning, and making any changes that you are inspired to make as a way to make more space for what you want. It is a time for expansion, freedom and commitment. Take some time to ritualize change. Honor the change of the season and use the energy of the fall equinox to support the release of any burden you may have been carrying for someone else. Put it down once and for all.”

After reading the fall equinox message, frissy told us to take one of the rocks we found and put any burdens, worries, negative thoughts or energies on the rock, and when we were ready, we were to throw that rock into the pond leaving it there, with everything we put on it, never to return to us again. Then, the other rock we were to keep. It would represent the changes we will make to make space for the things we want.  It will also serve as a reminder of our trip, and remind us that we are all bonded in friendship and we are never alone in our journeys. It was a very moving and special ceremony shared among special girlfriends, and the perfect ending to our Vermont trip… Thank you frissy!

And just when I thought no more fun was to be had…, we returned to New York City, and frissy and I attended an art class! Unfortunately, Megs and Audrey had to get back home, but I still had four more days!

OMG, the art class was one of the highlights of my time in New York City! I have never taken any kind of art class and in fact, I can’t even draw a stick figure very well… But, I was excited and eager to learn. We arrived to class with our canvas in hand, and we were met by the most lovely art instructor who immediately told us we could help ourselves to all the free wine we wanted during the class. In fact, she told us the more wine we drank, the better her instructing would be… How cute is that? So, of course, both frissy and I indulged in a glass of wine as we settled in with the other students who were just as eager as we were to start learning to paint.

The instructor showed us all the various tools and brushes we would be using, and showed us how to mix our acrylic paints on a pallet. She then directed us to look at a photo which would serve as our guide of what we would be painting. This is the photo we all had:


The instructor told us to begin by painting our entire canvas with one of the lightest colors in the photo. She said getting the light colors on first would make it much easier to add the darker colors rather than trying to put light on dark colors… Who knew?  I was a little intimated and nervous at first, but the wine provided a calming effect, and I decided to “just go for it..”

As I began my painting, I kept a close eye on the photo as my guide and just tried to duplicate what I saw. The instructor would walk behind us and give us little tips on how to mix colors, and what she thought we might be able to improve upon. However, she also said each and every student will take home a painting that is uniquely their own, and each will be different from all the other students, even though we were all using the same photos as our guides.

Sitting next to me was the nicest young man named Patrick (in the white shirt), who just happened to be from Ireland! He was there on a date night with his girlfriend, an adorable young girl, who happened to be from England! Love, love, loved their accents. 🙂 Funny thing…. they said they loved my accent too!


We all talked and laughed as we painted, and by the end of the three-hour class we all had our very own master piece to take home… I am pleased and PROUD to show you mine. This is my very first ever attempt at painting anything and it now hangs PROUDLY in my family room where I can look at it everyday:


I decided to sign my master piece Bella, because Bella really came out to play during the art class… In fact, when Patrick saw me sign Bella on my work, he asked me why I signed Bella if my name is Virginia? I explained that Bella had become my alternate personality ever since I came to New York City this time, and that she is a little more playful than Virginia, and actually was the one who did the most work on the painting… Patrick said he completely agreed and said he took inspiration from Bella while he was painting his own master piece… isn’t he just adorable?

While I was waiting for my painting to dry, I walked around the room looking at what the other students painted. This is what another nice young man sitting behind me painted. I asked him if he paints a lot and he said no, but he does do a lot of sketching. I think his interpretation of the photo is beautiful. Now I understand why the instructor said each student will come away with a very different painting… 🙂 How cool is this?


Frissy did a bang-up REAL good job on her painting too. Here are our two painting side by side with mine on the left and frissy’s on the right. Great job Frissy, REAL great job!


Thank you frissy, for introducing me, and Bella, to art class. I LOVED it to the moon and back…, but I LOVE you MORE!!

Stay tuned for the conclusion of my time in New York City!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 22:02:08

    I so love you.


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 23:28:42

    Well now Bella, if you want my honest opinion….I like your personality as Bella, not that there is anything wrong with Virginia I just like your more relax and peaceful fun flow of your painting and if you don’t mind I just might start calling you Bella. I never did understand your other nickname anyway. Like that Fall Equinox idea.
    P.S. Frizzy’s looks really awesome too.


    • beyondcinderella
      Oct 11, 2013 @ 00:48:33

      Thank you Aunt Ellen, and please feel free to call me Bella going forward as that is a nickname I assigned to myself as opposed to a nickname that was assigned to me beyond my control… XXOO Bella


  3. gotham girl
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 19:01:52

    Thank you for your kind words Aunt Ellen! Love that you will continue with BELLA. I love this side of her! Big time!


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