The Grand Finale

As with all things in life, my girlfriend trip of a lifetime, to New York City and Vermont, had to come to an end as well. But, it was thirteen of the most beautiful, emotional, energy charged, fun-filled girlfriend bonding day’s I’ve ever experienced!

Frissy and I spent my last day in New York walking along the High Line. The High Line is a one mile New York linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated former New York Central Railroad spur called west side line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan. It has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway. The High Line was the brainchild of two young men, Joshua David, and Robert Hammond, residents of the neighborhood the high line ran through. In 1999, they advocated for the lines preservation and reuse as a public open space, and elevated park or greenway. What a brilliant way to make use of what would otherwise be empty, deserted space!

As you walk along the High Line, you can smell the beautiful plants and flowers that grow along each side of the walkway. There was one plant that gave off the most beautiful, lemon pepper smell. It was just delightful.


I love that the developers left the train tracks in place and developed the park around them.


At the height of the walkway, you can see beautiful art work on the sides of the buildings below. I’m sure you all recognize this famous picture.


The trees growing along the walkway are lush and beautiful and offer welcome relief from the sun in the summer.


But, not to worry… if your feet get hot and tired, why there is even running water so visitors can sit and soak their feet. How cool is that?


All along the High Line you can see the Hudson River in all it’s grandeur!


Walking a little further you can see more of the city and enjoy more of the beautiful flowers.


And when you get tired, or want to grab a snack, these adorable recliners on wheels, that can be moved up and down the railroad track, will beckon you to come and sit for a spell… 🙂


As evening approached, frissy took me to her favorite pizza place but they were having a private party and would not be serving the general public until 7:00 P.M. So, we went to a little rooftop bar at the Americana, that just happened to be right across the street. What a treat that was. There were three individual private parties going on there too, but we were invited to sit in the main section of the bar and have a glass of wine as we watched the people mingle… I happened to notice an unusual amount of drop-dead gorgeous young men in one section of the bar. I told frissy to look behind her and see if she thought the same thing. I mean these were young men in their 20’s and every single one of them looked like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine…so we asked our server, and sure enough, he said it was some kind of special event for New York City’s male models!!! How lucky could we get???

When we weren’t looking at the models, who were all younger than my children… we had a beautiful view of the Empire State Building, all lit up in pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Isn’t that beautiful?


What a perfect way to end my stay. I will never forget my trip filled with planes, trains, and automobiles, the best girlfriends and frissy anyone could hope for, the hospitality of Abby and Robert, the unsurpassed beauty of Vermont and the gratitude in my heart that I was invited to share in the girlfriend trip of a lifetime! Thank you frissy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you to the moon and back…

Now, I’m home, and back into my real life routine. I missed my husband, Bill, and my daughter, Shantel, very much, and I want to thank them for knowing how much this trip meant to me, and for managing so well while I was gone, but for also letting me know I was very much missed too. It’s so good to get away, but there really is no place like home… 🙂

Stay Tuned!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Oct 11, 2013 @ 20:22:16

    A very sweet and special last day in New York City besides the other 12 days of surprises and delights encountered on your lovely adventures with your girly friends. Nothing, though, can take the place of your wonderful husband and beautiful daughter waiting for you to come back to your dream home and now the real life routine begins.


    • beyondcinderella
      Oct 11, 2013 @ 21:44:03

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, I am very blessed to have Bill and Shantel in my life, and knowing they were here for me to come home to made coming home that much sweeter… XXOO to all!


  2. gotham girl
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 19:00:17

    So loved sharing my city with you! The best is when someone appreciates my surroundings like you do! Yes, this was a once in a life time trip for many reasons. So well deserved…and how wonderful to have such a loving atmosphere to return home to. Love you dearly.


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