Just when I thought I heard it all..

There was more…!!!

In my previous post I shared that my daughter, Shantel, has decided she wants to move out of our home at the end of this school year. She wants to move back to Phoenix so she won’t have to deal with East Valley Dial-a ride, and the 2-3 hour pick-up wait times she deals with now when she is trying to get home after a long day of classes…

This past Friday I took Shantel to four different apartment complex’s. We toured several floor plans within each complex and received leasing information regarding rent prices, rules and regulations etc. Shantel has a good friend, Jaz, who graduated from South Mountain Community College last year, and is now working, who wants to roommate with Shantel if she they can find an apartment where they can both afford the rent…

Everything was going along as expected until we came upon a really nice complex that looked perfect. The apartments were spacious, clean, and the grounds well-kept.  Then the young man taking us around to tour the property told us the apartments were a “tax credit property”, for low-income families, and Shantel, being a full-time student, would not be allowed to live there unless she had at least one other person living in the apartment with her that was not a full-time student. He said if she were are low-income single mother, living with her children, and was not a full-time student, she could live there, or if she had a low-income roommate, that was not a full-time student, they could live there together, but if at the end of the lease, the roommate decided they were going to move, Shantel would have to give her notice and move too or find another low-income roommate that was not a full-time student… OMG, are you kidding me???

I asked why a full-time student was not allowed to live in the apartments if they had an income? The person I was speaking with had to call his property manager and ask because he didn’t know…we waited, and waited, while he discussed the whole thing over the phone. Once he finally thought he understood, he came back to us and said “the property is for low-income families or low-income people who are not full-time students.” I said “you mean to tell me, my daughter, who is going to college to earn a degree so she won’t always have to depend on Social Security Disability for her livelihood, but who for now needs to depend on a very small Social Security Disability income, which makes her a low-income person, can’t live in this apartment complex because she is a full-time student, but if she were a low-income single mother, with a houseful of kids living on tax payer’s dollars, or if my daughter had any kind of a roommate  living with her who was low-income, and didn’t go to school to try to better themselves…, then my daughter would be welcome to live here? Yes, was the answer to all of the above… I was shocked to say the least and left that apartment complex thinking this has to be discrimination in its full glory…and I can’t believe it’s allowed to go on in our country…

As we were driving home I asked Shantel how she felt about not be allowed to live in this really nice low-income apartment complex unless she has a low-income roommate who is not a full-time student live with her… She said “well, hopefully Jaz will be able to swing sharing an apartment with me so it will all work out in the end…” Shantel has a much better attitude about the whole situation than I do…

When I think of how hard my husband, Bill/Bro and I have worked for years, never asking for any help in any way to raise Shantel, and all we have been through as a family to get to this point of having Shantel ask to be able to step out into the world and live independent of us…only to have this door, of a nice low-income apartment complex, slammed in her face, simply because she is a full-time student…, well excuse me…but it just pisses me right off!!! …  And like I said “Just when I thought I heard it all…. there was more…!

This is truly a transitional journey…I think more so for me, and my husband, Bill/Bro, than our beautiful, ever hopeful, daughter, Shantel… 🙂

Stay Tuned!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aunt Ellen
    Oct 21, 2013 @ 23:12:56

    So unbelievable, but true!! May we all be able shrug it off like Shantel….God Bless her<3


  2. gotham girl
    Oct 22, 2013 @ 13:33:33

    Oh what great material for blogging this apartment search is going to provide! I love the term…transitional journey. Missing you…xoxox


  3. katsbynp
    Oct 23, 2013 @ 21:19:06

    I had the same initial reaction when reading this. It is discrimination and almost gives the message to not try to better yourself. Thank goodness Shantel has her ability to put things in perspective. Great blog post. Thanks for sharing


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