It’s Worth Four Hundred Dollars…

It’s that time of year again, when my husband, Bill, and I have to decide on the insurance plan we will use for the upcoming year. Bill’s company gives three options to choose from. But, in reality, there is only one choice for us, because, the other two options are so high in out-of-pocket experiences, we just couldn’t afford them. So we stick with our usual plan, and complain about it from the enrollment process, all the way through the end of the year… However, we are truly thankful we have an insurance plan at all.

Our insurance plan will put $400.00 in an account, that can be used to help both Bill, and I,  pay co-pays throughout the year, IF you participate in their bio-metrics screening process that is held on-site at Bill’s company. Everyone is given an appointment time, and the process really is well executed so you are actually in and out within a half hour…

However, just because something is well executed, doesn’t mean it is going to make you feel good about yourself once you surrender yourself to the screenings they put you through… especially, when you’ve reached the age when gravity takes over, and unwanted pounds creep onto your body, despite the efforts you take to fight them off…

I met Bill at his company this morning so we could participate in our annual bio-metrics screening process.. What a great way to start off an otherwise perfect day right?


Upon arrival you are ushered into a private room where your finger is pricked, and blood pulled into a tiny little tube, that will go into a machine that will produce your cholesterol, and blood glucose levels. These numbers are documented on your screening sheet so you “know your numbers” when your nurse coach calls, TWICE later in the year… Oh, more fun. ” I am proud to say my good cholesterol was over 100, and the nurse told me if that could be bottled… people would not have heart problems… Yeah me!!!


Apparently, it’s VERY important to “know your numbers…” when the nurse coach calls. The problem is sometimes “the numbers change” right? I mean every time I go to my doctor, and they take my blood pressure, it’s different, and my weight is different, not drastically… but still different…, and I’m sure all the other “numbers” that are supposed to stay stable…. are different… But let’s move on… 🙂

Once your cholesterol and blood glucose levels have been measured, they move on to your blood pressure and body composition. In other words, time for the dreaded,  getting weighed and measured… Even more FUN…!



At the end of this whole ordeal… I will only speak for myself in saying… As many of you  know, I lost over 100 lbs, 35 years ago. I managed to keep all of that off to date ,with the exception of 20 lbs I picked up over the last 2 years. And, nothing, I do seems to have an impact on getting rid of it…. I walk for one hour a day, at a fast pace, five day’s a week. I follow the Weight Watcher’s program daily. And, I follow that plan when I cook for my family as well… But, it seems no matter what I do I just can not get rid of the extra pounds I’ve picked up…

However, that said, at 61 years of age… I am more interested in enjoying life with my husband, Bill, family, and friends, knowing that we are doing the best we can, everyday, to stay as healthy as we can, without starving ourselves…. I’m so over that…!

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Nov 25, 2013 @ 23:39:09

    You are a BEAUTIFUL woman…every inch of you! Love you! more!


  2. katsbynp
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 03:26:18

    Congratulations on good numbers. Concerning scales I think numbers have their place but like you I like to stay healthy which is why you and I both eat right and exercise. Great post. Thanks for sharing


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