Oh, No, It’s Cookie Baking Time Again!

It’s no secret that I do not like baking cookies. It ranks right up there with being cold to me… But, every year, my daughter, Shantel, talks me into helping her make a batch of cookies to give as gifts to some of her friends at school. Today was our mother/daughter cookie baking day. All I can say is I am so thankful that my husband, Bill, volunteers to help her with the “big” cookie baking day, where she insists on making dozens of three different kinds of cookies for Christmas.

There are several reasons I don’t like baking cookies. First of all I can’t eat them, and I find it cruel and unusual punishment to have to do all the work, and smell them baking in the oven, then not be able to eat them… Then, of course, there is the “big” production of just getting ready to start making the cookies…

Like scrubbing all the already clean countertops, and already clean sinks, in our kitchen with Clorox clean-up bleach…


Then the already clean kitchen-aid has to be sanitized with Clorox..


And don’t forget the already clean kitchen-aid mixing bowl…yep, scrub it out with Clorox, then wash it again with dish soap just to be REEEEL sure it’s clean..


and OMG, don’t even think that the already clean baking sheets could escape the same Clorox and dish soap fate… And, of course it is a MUST to have a clean dish towel, that Shantel will choose, because she only thinks certain ones will do the job right… Now doesn’t this just sound like the kind of baking fun everyone wants to have…? 🙂


But, at least while all the pre-baking sanitizing was going on… I was able to sit and look at my beautiful Christmas cactus that has actually opened up some of its flowers… That helped ease some of my cookie baking pains…


Then, once chef Shantel is convinced everything is “fit to bake in…” she began asking me to put the ingredients she would need out on the spotless, sanitized, counter…

I put the butter out to come to room temperature.


The baking power, baking soda, coarse salt, and pure vanilla, were all lined up for chef Shantel.


Chopped baker’s chocolate and chocolate chips were all ready to be measured.


Brown sugar and granulated sugar were at the ready so chef Shantel can measure them out..


Flour sifted and whisked with the other dry ingredients..


Eggs cracked into two separate bowls so they can be added one at a time.


Then, once everything had been measured, it all went into the kitchen-aid mixer to be mixed well…


After it’s all mixed, the chocolates were folded into the batter by hand, but not before chef Shantel gets to taste it by licking the mixer paddle…


Speaking of the kitchen-aid, while I was helping Shantel with her baking.., she asked me if she could take my kitchen-aid with her when she moves out in February… After some thought, I finally told her, yes, she could take the kitchen-aid. Hold that thought..

Next, the chocolates were added.


And, yep, you guessed it… chef Shantel needs another taste just to be “sure..”


When the final OK was given, the cookies went into the oven, and I was instructed to sit where I could watch the cookies bake and make sure they didn’t burn… Looks like I passed the test. Chef Shantel said they were good, so I didn’t get fired from this job.. Not sure if that is a good thing or not… 🙂


Only thing left to do was clean up the MESS and I mean it was a MESS… But Shantel is always good at making sure it all gets cleaned, and I mean cleaned…!


The only reason I even put myself through all this every year is because Shantel loves to bake cookies so much. AND, when we’re not arguing about if the kitchen, and baking pans, etc. are clean enough for chef Shantel to use…, we do manage to have fun, and a lot of laughs!

As Shantel was washing the dishes after the baking session, I guess she thought she was on a roll, so she took the opportunity to ask me if, in addition to taking my kitchen-aid mixer when she moves out, could she also have one set of my measuring cups that are “her favorite” AND could she have one set of my measuring spoons that are also “her favorite?” My husband Bill happened to be walking through the kitchen right then, and since he had already heard me tell Shantel she could have the kitchen-aid mixer, and now the measuring cups and measuring spoons…, Bill laughed and said “why don’t you just take the house and mom and I will move?” We all had a good laugh at that, and I just looked at Bill, shook my head, and said “gotta love it because that’s our girl…”

Stay Tuned!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 23:51:06

    Well with first hand experience I totally get this day!!! Glad it was another successful baking day! xoxoxo MORE!


  2. katsbynp
    Dec 10, 2013 @ 03:29:04

    Well I am glad one of us got our cookie baking done. They do look good. Thanks for sharing


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