A Major Turn Of Events

Our daughter, Shantel, stopped eating meat about four years ago after watching the movie Food Inc. and reading a book called The Jungle. Before that, Shantel ate a wide variety of meats. She loved B-B-Q ribs, steak, real pork bacon, and like all teenagers of course, she LOVED hamburgers.

For a while, Shantel experimented with becoming a vegetarian. But she somehow justified in her own mind that eating chicken and/or turkey would be alright. So she started eating only chicken or turkey. This as you can imagine, became a real challenge for me as the cook of the household, because my husband, Bill, and I were not going to limit ourselves to eating only chicken or turkey. That meant I, as the cook, had to make sure I always had chicken or turkey for Shantel to eat when Bill and I were having beef or pork etc.

Shantel has always been tall and thin. Now, at 5’10” and approx. 152 lbs she is really looking much too thin. Keep in mind I lost over 100 lbs,  30 yrs ago, and have followed Weight Watchers and maintained all but 18 lbs of that weight loss ever since. So, I know the difference between healthy weight either too heavy or too thin. And, I would never force feed Shantel, or restrict her food intake, but would instead refer her to her Doctor… However, as Shantel’s mother, over the past few months, I’ve noticed Shantel has started losing too much weight. She eats her meals with us, which of course, is usually a chicken breast, baked potato, and vegetables, and she consumes a lot of junk food, i.e. cookies, candy, chips…  I fix her an egg every morning before school but she wants to stop by Burrito Co. a couple of days a week to get a breakfast burrito made up of eggs, potatoes, vegies and cheese all good for her… But still, I’ve noticed a significant weight loss with Shantel.

So, today, I mentioned to Shantel that I thought she was losing too much weight and expressed my concern about it to her. I was surprised, and amazed, when Shantel told me that she realized she was losing too much weight too. She said the jeans she had on were a size 10, and they were bagging off of her. I shared with Shantel that I thought her weight loss was due to the fact that she only eats chicken or turkey and that in the past four years she has grown tired of limiting herself to just that source of protein and so she only eats a small amount of it then fills up on junk food… At that, Shantel told me that she realized that when she ate “real” meat, she wasn’t losing weight like she is now. She said she misses eating “real” meat and would like to be able to eat it again. I asked her what she would eat if she were to go back to eating “real” meat again. She said the first thing I would want is a Whopper from Burger King.

I told Shantel the only thing stopping her from eating “real” meat is her, and I asked Shantel if we were to go get her a Whopper from Burger King, would she actually eat it? She said yes. Bill and I left right then to go to Burger King and came home with a Whopper, medium fries, and a diet coke…

Shantel was VERY excited to receive her first Whopper in four years..


She wasted no time unwrapping that burger and sinking her teeth into that first bite.


Once she had the taste of that Whopper again…. she DEVOURED it!! I mean she ate that burger like she hadn’t eaten anything in weeks… 🙂


After she consumed the Whopper, she started talking about all the “real” meat she wants to have next. She said she wants to have B-B-Q meat, real bacon, ham, etc… Oh My!!!

We are going to spend Christmas with our kids and grandkids in Colorado. Our son, Pat, is a fabulous cook, and especially great on the B-B-Q. I told Shantel that Pat sometimes has Elk and I told her Elk is REALLY good meat… I asked her if Pat happened to make some Elk, would she be willing to try some? She said YES!!! OMG, don’t know what caused this “major turn of events…” but we’ll take it! What a great Christmas gift for Bill and I… 🙂

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Dec 31, 2013 @ 21:18:26

    WOW! That is a major turn of events! Hoping this will help ease the burden for you too!!! xoxoxo MORE!


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