It All Started

When our daughter, Shantel, wanted the upgrade from her 4S iPhone to the newer 5C iPhone which she heard was all the rave from her friends who have the 5C iPhone…

The past few weeks have been very rough as we have been dealing with some scary issues at our house with family members not feeling well which required many trips to the doctor’s office etc. and is why I haven’t had time to post any blogs lately. Special thanks to all my readers who noticed I hadn’t posted in a while and sent me messages asking if everything was OK. That means the world to me and  I so appreciate it as I love my blog and if I don’t post at least a couple of times a week…usually it is because something is keeping me from it…Long story short, things are starting to get back to “our” normal now which I’m never really sure is the “real” normal at all… However, I have to admit the issues of the past few weeks made this new issue seem like a day at the park…

My husband, Bill and I took Shantel to the Verizon Kiosk at the Mall this past weekend to get her upgraded 5C iPhone. After receiving the new phone, Shantel went across the mall and sold her old 4S iPhone to Game Stop for cash. All was good and we went home…

Once home, Shantel had Bill help get her Apps and music on her new phone, then she tried her new phone out. After spending some time navigating through her different apps and such, Shantel decided she didn’t like the new phone because of the quality of the voice over, which is an access ability feature in every apple product that allows her to use her phone as a sighted person would. The phone speaks to her, and when she uses the phone for doing school work it also reads the information on the screen just like her computer does… Shantel said she couldn’t use the App store, iTunes, or Safari (internet) on the new phone. She said she was going to ask us to take her back to the Verizon Kiosk the next day to return the phone and get another 4S phone like she had before the upgrade. Verizon said she had 14 days to return the phone if for any reason she didn’t like it. So, she put her new phone on the kitchen counter, where she always charges her phone, and left it to charge for one hour and went to her room. By now it was 10:00 p.m. and Bill and I were already in bed for the night…or so I thought..

When Shantel went back to the kitchen an hour later, now 11:00 p.m. she found lots of water all over the kitchen floor.  She said she walked through the water on the floor to the kitchen counter where she had her new phone charging, and found the new phone lying in a pool of water on the kitchen counter. The new phone was dead by drowning…

Shantel came and woke me up and told me there was something happening in the kitchen and I needed to come and see what it was. I got up and went to the kitchen only to find at least a half-inch of water all over the floor and equally as much on the kitchen counters. However there was no water running from anywhere… I looked under the sink for a broken pipe but all was dry. I looked everywhere for any clue of how so much water got all over the counters and the floor but I found nothing wrong… I believe Shantel washed her hands at the kitchen sink but didn’t turn the water off all the way (by accident) and the faucet was turned completely towards the backsplash and must have run for the hour Shantel had her phone on charge… That would at least be an explanation of how so much water got on the counters and floor when still as of this writing it has not happened again… However, Shantel said she didn’t wash her hands in the kitchen that night but I can’t find any other explanation that fits… Either way it was a rude awaking in the middle of the night and a real mess for me to clean up… And, once Shantel did her part to get me up…she asked if she could go back to bed… So while Shantel and Bill (he had to work the next day) slept, I got to  mop up the kitchen… 🙂

The next day, Bill called the insurance Shantel purchased when she bought her old phone, and which transferred over to the new phone, and they said the phone was covered for water damage. However, there was a $170.00 deductible, which Shantel agreed to pay to have the phone replaced…

When Bill got home from work on Monday, he took Shantel to a Verizon store (not a Kiosk). They were told they couldn’t help them because the phone was purchased at the Kiosk and not a “real” Verizon store… Who Knew???

So, Bill and Shantel drove all the way back to the Mall Kiosk, and were told they needed to set up a claim with the insurance company first and have them send a new phone to replace the one that was dead. Since Shantel already knew she didn’t like the quality of the voice over, and she had already called Apple about it and was told they knew about the problem but wasn’t going to correct the problem until the next upgraded phone comes out…, the Mall Kiosk sales person told Bill and Shantel they could return the new replacement phone from the insurance company for the 4S iPhone like the one she had before this whole nightmare started…

We paid the $170.00 deductible and sent the broken phone to the insurance company. They sent out a new replacement phone via next day delivery.

Today, Shantel and I took the new replacement phone to the Mall Verizon Kiosk, and as just as I suspected… no one knew anything about anything we were talking about because the sales person that told Bill to bring the new replacement phone in and they would make the exchange for the 4S iPhone like Shantel had before was not a manager with authority to tell them that and was not even on duty today… So, I asked to speak to a manager who just happened to be on duty and was not happy about helping us at all… She first tried to say she couldn’t help us because the new replacement phone has a different model number so they couldn’t “fit” it back into their inventory… Are you kidding me??? I insisted she call her district manager which she reluctantly did and they had to have her call someone in a high position at the Corporate Office who after a VERY, VERY, long wait finally agreed to give approval for the exchange…

So, we had to leave the new replacement phone from the insurance company with the manager at the Mall Kiosk so she can send it back to the insurance company when the new exchange 4S iPhone hopefully arrives via next day delivery tomorrow at the Mall Kiosk where Bill can pick it up after he gets off work since it is just around the corner from his job…

Lesson learned… We will NEVER, EVER, do business with a Mall Kiosk again…EVER!!!

Stay Tuned!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 23:25:45

    Oh my…I have no words. xoxo


  2. BrantleyNewton
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 23:49:16

    I always suspected that those kiosk people were sketchy…


    • beyondcinderella
      Jan 10, 2014 @ 00:24:57

      After our experience with the kiosk I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you for stopping by my site. I so appreciate it and have also visited your site… and will again soon.


  3. katsbynp
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 00:59:40

    I have never trusted the kiosks since my daughter wanted an iphone about 3 years ago. She went there and they were told the iphone wasn’t covered under their Verizon plan. We subsequently went to the Verizon store and were told that the reason at that time the kiosk was telling her that was the kiosk was not authorized at that time to sell iphones.

    Hopefully the phone will be there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing


  4. Ellen Kaufman
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 04:14:43

    I notice you hadn’t posted, but thought it was just holiday time…..hope all is well with the issue at your home about family members becoming !!! Sorry Shandel had so many problems with the phone.

    Sent from my iPhone



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