Strawberries For Mom

My mother LOVES strawberries. When she still lived at home, as soon as strawberries were in Costco, she would buy them by the full flats and eat them until she finally got hives from eating so many strawberries… But as soon as the hives cleared up, she would go right back to eating strawberries again.

So now, as soon as strawberries come to my local Fry’s store, of course I buy them (in much smaller containers) and take them to my mother when I visit her. I have to be careful though because she will sit and eat strawberries then say she doesn’t want to eat her lunch or dinner…

Today was my day to visit my mother, and Fry’s happened to have two containers of strawberries for $5.00. I bought two containers thinking my mother might share them with her roommate or the nursing staff etc. Yeah right… 🙂

When I arrived at the Care Center, my mother was playing bingo.


She looked up and saw me and waved for me to come over to her. I went over, hugged her and told her I would sit on the bench by the wall until she finished playing her games. She still hand 20 minutes left to play before lunch. She said OK, then asked what I had in the bag… I told her I brought her some fresh strawberries, and told her I thought she might enjoy them after lunch. I told her to finish her bingo game then I would take her to the dinning room. Well, after she heard I had strawberries for her, she was immediately finished playing bingo, and asked me to take her to her room right then.

When I entered her room, I immediately noticed her room was in even worse shape then it was last week when I was there and asked her if I could clear out some of the “stuff.”


But just like the last time I asked to help clear out her “stuff” that is piled on top of more “stuff”, my mother absolutely refused.


She said “if you want to do something nice for my, give me the strawberries you brought me.” I said “why don’t you wait until you eat lunch because if you start eating the strawberries now you will say you don’t want your lunch…” My mother smiled and said “well, I’m 87 yrs old, I guess I know what I want to eat and when…” I agreed and gave her the strawberries..


OMG, her eyes got almost as big as the strawberries as she reached in and picked the first one out… because of the Parkinson’s, her facial expressions don’t change that much anymore, but this is as happy as I ‘ve seen her in a while.


After my mother ate her fill of the strawberries, I pushed her to the dinning room for lunch. But, just like I expected, when asked if she wanted pork with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans, or a tuna salad plate my mother said “I don’t like pork, and I don’t want tuna.” I said “mom, you always loved pork why don’t you just try some?” She said “well, I don’t like pork now so I don’t want any.” I asked if she would at least eat some mashed potatoes and green beans so she had something hot for lunch. She agreed, but when her plate came, she mostly pushed the food around her plate, taking only tiny bites I’m sure just to keep me from saying anything about her not eating.

After she finished rearranging the food on her plate for a while, she told me she was done and asked me to take her back to her room. I suggested we go out and sit in the garden where we could enjoy the beautiful weather we are having…. She agreed, but said we need to stop by my room first… of course I knew she wanted to go get her strawberries which she did, but we did have a nice visit in the garden so that’s all that mattered… Hey, I’m just looking for PEACE, and like “they” say… all’s well that ends well… Works for me!!! 🙂


Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 01:17:36

    So so true! All is well that ends well. You have an amazing spirit! xoxo


  2. katsbynp
    Feb 20, 2014 @ 02:57:47

    All is well..Aunt Virginia was happy with her strawberries and you with some Peace. I definitely think it was a win-win. I so enjoyed this post.. Thank you for sharing.


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