Walmart Field Trip

I don’t like Walmart for many reasons but I do find myself spending a lot of time there. The main reasons I don’t like Walmart are that they advertise “wide open aisles” but every Walmart I’ve ever been in seems to have all kinds of “stuff” crammed into the “wide open aisles” which makes it very difficult for me to get down the aisles when I’m walking as my daughter, Shantel’s sighted guide. Another reason I don’t like Walmart is they are always so crowded so it takes forever to get through the store, checked out and on your way… However, my daughter, Shantel, LOVES Walmart because she says everything she buys is cheaper at Walmart… I would rather spend a little bit more and not have to deal with all the drama of Walmart, but I do take Shantel to Walmart when she asks me. And, lucky me… this past week, I got to go to Walmart twice in one day!!!

Yes, I took Shantel to Walmart before School on Thursday and helped her get her large monthly order of “stuff”, then it just happened that the Care Center where my mother lives, was going on a Walmart field trip that same day, which also happened to be the day I planned to visit my mother… So, my mother asked me if I would meet her at Walmart and push her through the store and help her pick out her shopping needs. I would rather shove bamboo sticks under my finger nails than go to Walmart twice in one day…but, I said “of course mom, I would be happy to help you shop at Walmart… I wonder if that counts as a lie or not??

Anyway, after I dropped Shantel off at school, I made my way to the Walmart where the residents of the Care Center shop. When the wheelchair accessible van pulled up, and my mother was lowered from the van on a lift, I took her inside Walmart and asked her what she needed to buy. She said she wanted to get some tooth paste. I reminded her she didn’t need to buy tooth paste because I buy her personal need items like tooth paste, and bring it to her as needed. She said “well, I need it…” so I told her I would bring a new tube up when I come next week. I said I’m sure you have enough left in your current tube, and if not, ask the duty nurse to give you a small tube to get you by until I get there. She agreed.

Next she said she wanted to find some shoe laces that don’t come untied. They are curly and once you get them in your shoes, they don’t come out and they don’t have to be tied. I reminded her I already bought her some of those shoe laces not long ago. I told her I put one pair in her other shoes that she said she would be wearing from now on, and put a spare pair of the shoe laces in her top draw… She said “well I can’t find them so I need more.” I said you can’t find them because there is too much “stuff” all over your room and crammed into your drawers, but I can assure you they are there. I said if you would let me come and clean out your room, I will find them for you and I will rearrange things so you can find what you need when you need it… She didn’t respond.

So, on we went through the store. I asked her what else she needed to get at Walmart.  She said I want to look at the tops and pants. So I pushed her to the woman’s section, where she found a pair of pants on clearance for $5.00 and a top on clearance for $3.00. She said “I can’t pass that up because they are almost giving them away..” I said “yes, it is a good deal mom, but remember, you don’t have any room in your closet or drawers to put one more thing, but if you let me come and clean out your room for you I can make room in your closet and draws for you to put some new things…” Much to my surprise, she agreed! I will be there first thing next week before she changes her mind…!! 🙂

These are the pants and top mom bought for a total of $8.00.


She also found this “pretty” fingernail polish for $4.00.


After scoring her treasures, I took mom to the McDonald’s that is in the front of Walmart where she met up with the other residents that were on the field trip outing.

This sweet lady wouldn’t eat her lunch until she made sure she wasn’t over charged for anything.


This is Grace. She was having trouble getting into her lunch, so I helped her, after I got my mother her large caramel frappe.


I tried to buy my mother lunch, but she insisted all she wanted was a large caramel frappe… And once she had her frappe in hand…she wasn’t about to put it down.


Even as these other residents in the group were trying to talk and visit with my mother, she just kept sipping on her frappe…


Nothing was going to keep her from her frappe…. because as she says… “she LOVES them…”


When mom finished her frappe, she was ready to go…  and I mean right then. She said “I’m ready to go” I reminded her she had to wait for the other residents to finish their lunch, and for the care center workers to finish their lunch, then they would load everyone back on the van and take them back to the care center. Mom said “well, I’m never coming back here again with them because I don’t like sitting around waiting for them to get ready to leave…” I said “mom, you are going to be sitting if you are here, or back at the care center, so why don’t you just relax and enjoy the rest of the time you have here?” I told her at least you have something different to look at here and you always tell me it’s so boring at the care center…” She said ” sometimes boring isn’t so bad, like now when I’m tired and need a nap…” I just smiled as I thought to myself “sometimes you just can’t win…” Gota love it…!!! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katsbynp
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 01:25:56

    I agree with you about Walmart but unfortunately they sell scrub tops and pants for 6.00 each and they actually wash well. We have a Super Walmart and some of the grocery prices are cheaper than other places so if I get off work early and need to stop for groceries I will run in and pick up some of those things.
    All that being said you are a saint for going there twice in one day! Thank you for sharing your trip with Aunt Virginia to Walmart. It certainly brought a smile to my face. Great post


    • beyondcinderella
      Mar 02, 2014 @ 11:19:45

      I agree the prices are good, if not for the cluttered aisles and the fact that they seem to be restocking every time I’m there making it difficult to get Shantel up and down the aisles, not to mention my mother in a wheelchair…, I would shop there too… maybe… Thanks for your comments and continued support Kathy.


  2. gotham girl
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 16:09:55

    Yep, gotta love it. Your post reminds me of when I’d talk to my dad on the phone throughout the years. When he was done…it was…ok…see you later…even if in mid-sentence. It would always crack me up! Great post! xoxo


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