A Day Full Of Smiles

Yesterday, as I went about the normal routine of a typical day in my life, I found reasons to smile everywhere I went. The first thing that brought a smile to my face was watching my daughter, Shantel, enjoy her favorite McDonald’s bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit while she told me what she would like me to pick up for her at the grocery store later that day… My, my, my… that girl sure LOVES to eat. 🙂


Then, after I walked, or more like ran, Shantel to her class (that girl is ALWAYS running late), and was walking back to my car, I saw this beautiful tree in full bloom. I love flowers and here was a whole tree full… what’s not to smile about there? 🙂


Next on my agenda was going to visit my mother at the Care Center. You might remember from a previous post that she finally agreed to let me clean out her room and get rid of all the “stuff” she doesn’t need. I got there as fast as I could before she changed her mind and went through her three drawer night stand with a vengeance… I was able to get rid of a large lawn/leaf bag full of “stuff.” When I had the bag filled to the top and tied in a knot so she couldn’t start trying to get the “stuff” back out again, mom put her hands up and said “TA DA!!!”  Trust me, I wasted no time getting that bag out of her room and into the trash, smiling all the way… 🙂 I’ll have to go back next week to tackle her closet and bathroom but we’re making progress…


As I was leaving the care center, I looked up and saw this beautiful bird’s nest. I love bird nests because it always amazes me to watch birds building their nests using bits of string, twigs, etc. and intertwine them into nests strong enough to raise their baby birds in. Bird nests always make me smile… 🙂


Back at the ranch… I walked in to find our kitty, Carmen, trying to open the door to the computer cabinet. She knows she is not allowed in there, but sometimes I come home to find her hiding in there just the same. She will sit for hours pulling at the door with her paw and eventually she gets it open enough to jump in and the door closes behind her… I told her to get away from there and go lay down…


She didn’t “get away from there” but she did lay down. I couldn’t help but smile at this cute little face. 🙂


She laid there for a long time, apparently hoping I would go away so she could continue with her bad deed. At one point she rolled over and put her paws together as if she may have thought if she can look cute enough she might get the positive outcome she wanted… And really, how cute is that?  More smiles. 🙂


Since it was Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent), and we don’t eat meat on Ash Wednesday, or any Friday in Lent, I decided to make salmon patties and garlic mashed potato pancakes for dinner. I love salmon patties but my husband, Bill, loves them even more. I just put three cans of salmon in a bowl.


Added two slightly beaten eggs, about a half sleeve of saltine crackers (crushed), some finely chopped green onions, and a little fresh dill. Mixed everything together with my hands, covered and put in refrigerator for about an hour.


I had garlic mashed potatoes left over from another meal earlier in the week so I added egg, flour, and black pepper to the potatoes and shaped them into potato pancakes. When I was ready to cook. I just browned the salmon patties and the potato pancakes in a heavy cast iron skillet with a small amount of oil, and YUMMERS!!! Smiles all around… 🙂


I even had to smile when I looked in the mirror and realized I had lipstick all over my teeth. Apparently, I went around all day with lipstick on my teeth and not one person bothered to tell me… Brought a BIG smile to my face so I took a picture…


Gota love that!

So, all in all, it really was a fun-filled “day full of smiles.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Stay Tuned!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John and Myrna
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 00:42:22

    Hey Sis, Just got through reading this and you put a smile on my face as always! I just love your positive outlook on life. Any way, just wanted to say hi. Not to happy about this recovery thing. I can’t do squat and of course my get up and go is no longer available! I guess I’m thinking when I was 25 and not 75. Think of Shantel a lot. It sounds like the path she is taking will get a workout! Give your crooner a big hug for me. Miss all a lot. Love you, JB


    • beyondcinderella
      Mar 07, 2014 @ 01:06:11

      Hey Bro, thanks for your most welcomed comment, it means the world to me. We keep you and yours in our daily prayers. Yes, it is harder to recover as we age…but I always believe it helps to keep a positive attitude. Shantel does have a long road ahead, but we know she is strong and determined to meet all her goals, which is more than half the battle… Gave my “crooner” a big hug for you and that made him smile too… so all is good. We think of all of you a lot and keep all of you in our daily prayers. XoXo


  2. katsbynp
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 03:11:42

    My smiles for the day were to see the sun shine and snow melting. I also downloaded my pictures from the camera and had a cute picture of my granddaughter and my dog. She has now decided the dog is her friend. This post also brought a smile to my face especially your selfie-I can relate to the lipstick on the teeth as well as no one telling you! Great post! Thanks for sharing


  3. Ellen Kaufman
    Mar 07, 2014 @ 03:34:53

    So glad you had a happy day…..we all need to smile more often. So glad my sister was in a good mood and you were able to unload a lot of unnecessary items from her world. Thank you again for being so patient with her and taking good care of her needs. I talked to her the last week and she had all good things to say about everyone and seemed content. Your salmon cakes and potatoe pattys look oh so delicious…our prayers and thoughts are with you this Lenten season, God Bless until the next time. Love to all..


    • beyondcinderella
      Mar 07, 2014 @ 12:22:00

      Thanks Aunt Ellen. Mom is doing pretty good right now. After I got her room all cleaned up… she seemed happy even though she insisted she didn’t want me to throw out anything at first… 🙂 XoXo


  4. gotham girl
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 16:08:51

    OMG…I totally cracked up at your last photo! Toooooo funny!!! Love you posts. Love you MORE!


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