Mother Daughter Time

WOW! Finally, it’s spring break… And after a very busy week running from one end of the valley of the sun to the other taking my daughter, Shantel, to several appointments, and to shop for apartments with the two girls that will hopefully be her roommates… Both Shantel, and I, decided we needed to have some mother/daughter down time to relax and recharge our batteries… Hey, even the energizer bunny runs out of get up and go once in a while. Right? 🙂

So, when Shantel booked her nail appointment this week, I asked her to make an appointment for me to get a much-needed Pedi. I so  just needed to sit on my butt and let someone take care of me for a while, and oh, my, my, my, how good that felt… And look how pretty. Every time I look down at my pretty toes… I have something to smile about as I remember how good it felt to take some down time just for me… 🙂


And, look how pretty Shantel’s nails turned out. The gal that does her nails always paints on some kind of special flower design and this week, even though it is hard to see in this picture, she said she put just a touch of green on the side of the flower for St. Patrick’s Day. Now, if she forgets to wear green on St. Patrick’s day, she won’t get  “pinched.” 🙂


After our “day at the spa” appointments were over, Shantel wanted to run by McDonald’s to get something for lunch… Then, I dropped her off at home and I went to the Care Center to check-in on my mother.


You might remember from a previous post, where I mentioned I cleaned out my mother’s end table but that took so long I told her I needed to come back another day to work on her bathroom and her closet… She agreed, so today was the day I planned to accomplish both the bathroom and the closet before she had time enough to change her mind.

I was happy to see when I walked in my mother’s room today that her end table I cleaned out last week was still neat and clean.


I asked her if everything was working out for her since I cleaned out her drawers and she said “yes, but I do have trouble getting my scarfs in the drawer nicely.” She said she can’t get them folded right. So I said “how about we hang them on the hooks beside your end table? (see picture above). She said “yes, that would be good.” I looked in her drawer and said “do you only have two (meaning two scarfs)? But she looked at me and said “do I want a tattoo?” She was so serious, I just started cracking up! I laughed so hard I started to cry… but my mother was sitting there looking so serious at me, and said what is so funny? When I finally gained control of myself, I repeated my actual question. When she finally understood what I really asked, she said “well I wondered why you would ask you mother if she wanted a tattoo.”

Next I was able to clean out my mother’s bathroom and get everything put back in its place. She had a gallon ziplock bag full of make-up which I know for a fact she has never used in the five plus years she has been at the care center, and I very much doubt she is ever going to use again. However, when I showed her the bag of make-up, and asked her if we could get rid of it, she said “no, I might need it someday.” I didn’t argue with her, perhaps it reminds her of something she needs to cling too…, I just put the bag back in the basket I bought to contain all her bathroom items and went on to take a look at her closet….

I couldn’t wait to get into that closet because she has so much “stuff” in there, no one can even push clothes from side to side to see what she has to wear from day-to-day… she has winter, spring, summer and beyond in this tiny closet.


She also had a lot of stuff on the floor of her closet. I asked her where the hamper was that I bought her but she didn’t know so I didn’t push the issue…


I started going through the clothes, asking her if we could move “this or that” out? But, every time I asked her if we could move this or that out she said “no, I need that or I might need that…” I finally said “well mom, I can’t help you thin out your closet if you’re not going to let me move anything out.” She just looked at me and said ” I’m starting to get upset.” Again, I didn’t argue, I simply closed the tiny closet, and said, ” OK mom, we will just close the closet door and pretend like it doesn’t need to be thinned out.” I said “if we keep the door closed, we don’t have to think about it anymore.” She was happy with that and said “well, look at how pretty my bed looks…”


OMG, that brought a smile to my face as I agreed her bed looked beautiful, and at that, we went on to have a nice visit for the remainder of my time with her…

Stay Tuned!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Mar 13, 2014 @ 23:26:08

    That was wonderful….you had a pleasant visit and you both ended it on a pleasant note with a big smile….Her bed looks very pretty with nice clean sheets and pretty throws!!!!
    You and Shantel had a nice day getting your pedicure and nails down. Can’t ask for anything better than a day like that to make it complete.


    • beyondcinderella
      Mar 14, 2014 @ 01:27:31

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, the Care Center does take good care of mom, and they do keep her, and her bed, neat and clean. If not, I would not have her there. And, I make sure I am there often enough to know what is going on with her because the bottom line for me is that she has the best care we can provide. Mom and I did have a nice visit today and now that is all that matters to me… XoXo VIRGINIA


  2. gotham girl
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 01:06:50

    OH I love that…just close the door and it’ll go away! Too funny! Glad you got a little pampering! Love you!


  3. Michelle Hamson
    Mar 14, 2014 @ 03:49:29

    Your mom still looks the same. Aunt Virginia! So glad she is still in your life. What a wonderful post… take ya cousin!


  4. katsbynp
    Mar 16, 2014 @ 00:46:23

    Glad that you were able to pamper yourself and get that pedicure. For me the little treats can be very helpful. The girl who does Shantel’s nails is talented they look very nice
    Glad you and your mom had a pleasant visit. Sounds like a great day ! Great post. Thanks for sharing


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