A Treat For Mom

I went to visit my mother today at the Care Center. On the way there, I decided to stop by McDonald’s and get her a Oreo mcflurry. Mom was just coming back from bingo and on her way to the dining room for lunch. I pushed her the rest of the way to the dinning room where other residents were already enjoying their choice of chicken fried steak or a fresh fruit plate.


When mom saw the Oreo mcflurry she got very excited and wanted to start eating it right away. I told her she should hold off so she would be able to eat her lunch. She said “I’m not that hungry, this will be just fine.”


This sounded like a repeat of the last time I took mom a treat, a McDonald’s frappe…. she didn’t want to eat her lunch after she got that either…

I decided it was no use trying to convince her to wait for her lunch, especially since she was already digging in..


I was happy to see my friend, Bradley, in the dinning room. He is the one with the white pillow around his neck. Bradley has not been able to leave his room for a couple of months now because his power wheelchair broke and he can’t sit up right in a regular wheelchair. Bradley amazes me with his patience and cheerfulness. No matter what he is dealing with he always has a joke to share like today as he was talking to the activity assistant, in the red, about her cell phone and what all it could do… When the activity assistant went to leave, Bradley smiled and said “be good, and if you can’t be good, be good at it..” Then, after lunch I met up with Bradley in the hall and he was very excited to share his joke of the day with me. He asked if I knew why a chicken coupe only has two doors? I said no, why? He got the biggest boyish grin on his face and said “well if it had four doors it would be a sedan..” I laughed and told him he is just too much, and he is.. talk about long-suffering with grace and dignity… Bradley, at 58 years old, confined to a wheelchair in a care center for the rest of his life…, has cornered the market on that. The man must be a saint, and  I am proud he calls me his friend!


When mom’s fruit plate arrived of course she pushed the food around her plate and said she really didn’t want to eat it. I was able to get her to eat some watermelon and strawberries and a bite or two of her blueberry muffin.


When mom was finished eating, I pushed her back to her room which I was nicely surprised to see still remains neat and clean from when I last cleaned it for her a few weeks back. Her doll was tucked neatly into the bed.


and her TV stand and night stand remain, for the most part, clutter free… Yeah!


I had another little surprise for mom today but I didn’t want to tell her until I could get some quiet time with her. So, I suggested we go outside and sit in the garden.


When we got to the garden, I told her I wanted to read a letter to her from her grandson, Tom III, my oldest, late brother, Tom Jr’s son. Mom loves to get letters from him, or anyone, so it was a really nice surprise for her.  Anyway, Tom reads my blog, and when I posted the St. Patrick’s Day pictures of mom’s tattoo, Tom said it inspired him to write another letter to his grandma. Thanks Tom, it really made her day extra nice.. Mom sat quietly while I read Tom’s letter, then she asked me to take her back to her room because she wanted me to put it in a special folder she keeps in the bottom drawer of her night stand, along with other “special cards and treasures..”


After mom had her letter from Tom safely tucked away, she said she was tired and would like to take a nap. I pushed the call button for an aid to come and assist her with getting into bed. Mom said she would sit in the doorway and watch me leave as she waited for her aid to help her get in bed for her nap. Sweet dreams mom, sweet dreams…

Stay Tuned!







8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 22:52:53

    That was a lovely visit you had with your Mom….She looks really good to me….whenever your Mom and I use to talk when Tommy III was in the service and going to school and then when he would come for visit she would always tell me how smart he was and all the things he had accomplished and his lovely family… You are a wonderful daughter and Mother, Virginia …Doing this blog for Shantel is an awesome legacy to leave her…years from now she can sit back and enjoy each one whenever she wishes.
    Love you,
    Aunt Ellen


  2. clothedwithjoy
    Mar 26, 2014 @ 22:58:40

    All, when you are your mom’s age you can eat a milkshake for lunch. I’m only 40 and I do that sometimes. 🙂


  3. gotham girl
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 01:58:20

    Yeah! A nice visit! Great to hear. And in case I haven’t told you lately…I so agree with auntie Ellen. You are a wonderful daughter, mother, wife and FRISTER!!


  4. katsbynp
    Mar 27, 2014 @ 03:29:57

    What a wonderful visit with your Mom! I echo others that you are a wonderful daughter, wife and mother and I add cousin too. Thanks for sharing


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