Shantel’s Moving Out…

We knew this day was coming, and I’ve been trying, with some success, to prepare myself for the actual day… Shantel was approved to rent a one bedroom apartment in Phoenix. Moving back into the Phoenix City limits will allow Shantel to be able to travel independently, anywhere within the Phoenix City limits, using Dial-a-Ride without transfers to the East Valley Dail-a-Ride, which currently leaves her standing outside her pick-up-point for as long as three hours. Last week, Shantel had yet another episode where East Valley Dial-a-Ride left her standing outside a Fry’s grocery store for over an hour. When she called them to let them know her scheduled pick-up time was over an hour ago, they just hung up on her. She called them back to complain and they left her on hold twice for thirty minutes, and said she would need to wait an additional two and a half hours. They said they didn’t have any available cabs until then. Are you kidding me…. out of 800 cabs in East Valley, they can’t find one to send to get Shantel for her prearranged pick-up time?

Because East Valley Dial-a-Ride left Shantel on hold for so long, her phone battery ran out. She was trying to use a pay phone when a man noticed her and offered her his phone. Shantel was finally able to call me to let me know what was going on and I went to pick her up. However, as you can imagine, she was exhausted and frustrated beyond belief…. and I don’t blame her. That very day she decided she would rather live out on her own, within the Phoenix City limits than deal with East Valley Dial-a-Ride any longer. We have complained numerous times to East Valley Dial-a-Ride but nothing seems to change. All I can say is if I knew before we moved to Chandler what a nightmare East Valley Dial-a-Ride would be for Shantel I would never have moved at all…

However, now all we can do is move forward with supporting Shantel’s decision to move out on her own. She found an adorable one bedroom apartment in Phoenix. We completed the application and she was approved. She paid the security deposit, and has a move in date of May 9th.

This is a picture of Shantel standing outside her soon to be new apartment home. Is this a happy face or what?


Today, Shantel and I spent the day shopping for furniture for her new home. She has been saving money for years for her first apartment and was able to pay cash for every purchase.

Our first stop was to Mattress Firm where she purchased a new queen size bed set. She tried many, many different mattresses wanting to be sure she was going to be completely comfortable in her new bed. We offered to let her take her current bed, but she didn’t want it because it’s only a full size and she insists on a queen. It’s her money, and she is an adult…so nothing more to say about that… 🙂

By the time we finished with the apartment paperwork, and purchased the new bed, of course Shantel was hungry, so I told her I would take her out to lunch to celebrate her new apartment… She said she wanted to go to Macayo’s,


where she feasted on salsa, chips, and mini chimi’s. I had fish tacos because it is still the Lenten Season.. Nothing makes Shantel happier these days than eating and talking about her new apartment…


After lunch, we continued our furniture shopping. We went to the Roomstore, where Shantel scored a deal on a very nice sofa. She said she loves it and can’t wait to sit on it and relax in her new home…


As we went about our day, driving from place to place, I took the opportunity to make sure Shantel knows how much both my husband, Bill, and I love her, and that she knows we could not be more proud to be her parents. I told her again, that we are so proud of her accomplishments and the beautiful young woman she has become. I reminded her that if she ever needs us for anything, we are but a phone call away, day or night. Shantel thanked me and said “you and papa gave me the best home life I could have ever imagined.” Well, that brought me to tears, again,,, but who could ever ask for more than that from their child?

One of the best things Shantel loves about the location of her new apartment is that her very best friend, Jaz, lives within walking distance and will visit often… Just imagine the fun, and memories, these two will create… 🙂


Letting go is never easy, but, I know Shantel is ready, and because this is what we spent our lives preparing her for…,I’m working on being ready…just don’t rush me… 🙂

We love you sweetheart!

Mom and Papa

Stay tuned!



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bill
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 23:11:53

    I will miss you very much Shantel , your first apartment is very special, and I wish you all the happiness in the world. Please remember were we live and come over for dinner once in awhile.

    Love you


  2. katsbynp
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 02:29:57

    That is so wonderful for Shantel . I imagine she is so excited and having fun picking out things for the new apartment. It sounds like you had fun shopping as well. While there are mixed emotions we all must let them spread their wings. It will be mixed emotions but you and Bill have done a wonderful job in supporting and loving a very strong beautiful young lady. Congratulations Shante


  3. Ellen Kaufman
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 03:33:11

    This is one the hardest things you will have to do… is really bittersweet. Seeing her grow up you are so happy for her and yet it doesn’t seem right with her leaving. This is what she has dreamed about for so long and now Shantel has made it happen. You and Bill have done your part very well and should feel very lucky you have such an intelligent & independent young lady. God’s blessings and prayers to you all. Love you guys.❤️
    Aunt Ellen and Uncle Harvey


    • beyondcinderella
      Apr 05, 2014 @ 12:01:08

      Thank you Aunt Ellen, we are very proud of Shantel and want her to be happy and safe in her new home. We know we will still see her often but her presence in our home will be missed. I’m doing my best to keep a smile in my voice so this is a happy, positive, experience for Shantel… XoXo


  4. gotham girl
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 13:36:45

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I can sooooo understand the various emotions that you must be experiencing! Loved seeing the 5/9 move in date since I’ll be in Arizona then and will be able to see her new digs. Congrats to all!!! Love, love, love.


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