Day Four

Of the ten-day countdown of our daughter, Shantel, moving into her own apartment.

I am VERY much a planner. I have a plan for almost everything I do and a back-up plan “just in case…” I’ve always told Shantel to expect the unexpected. Shantel, on the other hand, never plans anything, and seems to enjoy “flying by the seat of her pants…” Well today she got a good example of why it is a good idea to have a plan and expect the unexpected…

When Shantel signed the lease on her apartment she said she wanted to move in on Friday, May 9th. I gently suggested she move that date up to today, Monday, May 5th saying we could go over during the week and get her kitchen set up, shower curtain hung, clothes arranged in her closet etc. Good thing Shantel agreed to my plan because today when we arrived at the apartment complex to pick up the keys the manager informed us that the apartment was not ready yet. She said the new company Corporate uses to paint, clean etc. before new residents move in were running two weeks behind… I said “that is just not going to be acceptable because Shantel is having all her new furniture delivered this Friday, May 9th, as well as having Cox Communications coming to set up her cable service etc. I told them she absolutely has to be able to move into her apartment on Friday. The apartment complex manager called her boss and explained the situation and was given permission to have the on-site maintenance crew paint and clean the apartment so it would be ready for us to pick up the keys on Thursday. Apparently, before Corporate decided to outsource the painting, cleaning etc. of apartments before new residents move in… the on-site maintenance crew always did it and completed the work in half the time! Long story short, we will get the keys on Thursday which will still allow us enough time to set up the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom before any of the new furniture is delivered on Friday. However, if we would have followed Shantel’s plan of going to pick up the keys on Friday, May 9th it could have been a much different story ending with us trying to reschedule all the new furniture deliveries, Cox, etc. Sometimes mom really does know best… 🙂

However, this morning we when we left the house, we were still under the illusion that we would be getting the apartment keys today so Shantel had all her clothes, shoes, and bedding in her “nice clean” garbage bags to take to her apartment.


She was so excited as she shoved all the bags into the new tall garbage can that she said she will line with the clean garbage bags after she removes her clothes, shoes, etc. stating “see mom they will do double duty.”


She refuses to use moving boxes so this is what the back seat of my car looked like when we left this morning and what it still looks like now that we won’t get the apartment keys until Thursday. Does this scream homeless bag lady living out of her car or what???


Shantel of course was upset that she didn’t get the keys to her new apartment today, but she has resigned herself to the fact, as have I, that there is nothing we can do about it so we just need to look forward to getting the keys on Thursday.

Stay Tuned!





6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    May 06, 2014 @ 00:00:23

    Ahhh…the lessons we learn! xoxoxo


  2. Bill
    May 06, 2014 @ 00:30:46

    So glad we bought a box of garbage bags at Costco last week, gotta love her.



    • beyondcinderella
      May 06, 2014 @ 01:12:01

      You got that right Bill… I don’t think she could make this move without those precious “clean garbage bags” she loves so much… Yes, you are so right… “gotta love her”.. and we do… XoXo


  3. katsbynp
    May 07, 2014 @ 03:25:28

    Mom knows best. I did laugh when I saw the picture of your car. One more memory you can look back and laugh. Great post. Thanks for sharing.


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