My husband, Bill/Bro and I have had a vacation to Coronado Island in California planned for months. Both Bill and I love Coronado Island, and have spent many vacations there over the years. It was one of the very first vacations we took in the very early years of our relationship, and we absolutely fell in love with the Island…From our home, it is about an hour away by plane, and six hours by car, which makes it always an easy to get to get away….  Most anywhere you want to go on the Island is within a mile or two making it perfect to walk or bike (our hotel supplies bikes at no cost) around town and to the beautiful Coronado Island Beach…

So naturally, we choose Coronado Island as our vacation destination to celebrate our 25th anniversary, which was really this past September, but we decided to save the celebration date so we could also take our daughter, Shantel, and our granddaughter Alex, to celebrate their college and high school graduations as well….

Alex lives in Colorado, and will be attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey in the fall so this will be the last time we visit with her for a long time. We got Shantel and Alex their own room together in the same hotel we are staying at, and Bill and I are so looking forward to having our “alone time, including dinner alone, to celebrate our anniversary. We are also looking forward to spending time together, at the beach, and lunch/dinners, with Shantel and Alex over the course of our stay…

Our granddaughter, Alex, arrived Tuesday morning. Both Bill and I picked her up at the airport and spent the rest of the day just hanging out together  in our home…. We spent a good deal of time talking and just reconnecting… but then we told Alex to just make herself at home and do whatever she wanted to do…  Bill took a day off  (Tuesday) to be there to welcome Alex when she arrived, but he had to work Wednesday (today) and Thursday (tomorrow) before he starts his actual vacation… Hold that thought…

This is Alex and Bill just hanging out together after her arrival..



While Bill and Alex were “hanging out together… ”  I told Bill that since Alex was here now…, I was going to take Alex with me on Wednesday to Shantel’s apartment so we could take her to get her groceries and then I was going to take the girls to the mall … I said they both want to go to McDonald’s for breakfast which I would treat them to, then the mall, and I would treat them to lunch as well… Because  I said “let’s just consider tomorrow as the first day of vacation…

Bill smiled his big boyish smile that I so love… and said “I’ll try to remember that tomorrow is the first day of vacation while I’m at work… Opps,, my BAD…. but I did pack your breakfast and lunch honey. All you have to do is put it in your lunch box in the morning…..  🙂



I sooooooooooooo  love that man and his sense of humor… if not for humor… I don’t think we could have ever made it this far.  😉 😉

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. katsbynp
    Jul 09, 2014 @ 23:10:15

    Glad Alex arrived safely. Sounds like the “girls day out” will be fun. Bill don’t work too hard you have to get in vacation mode!
    Coronado Island sounds beautiful and a lovely way to celebrate your 25th anniversary. Have a great time.
    August will be here soon!


  2. gotham girl
    Jul 10, 2014 @ 02:14:42

    Have a ton of fun!!!! Love you MORE!


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