More Than I Bargained For

Today, like most Wednesday’s, I drove to our daughter, Shantel’s apartment to take her to purchase her weekly groceries. Today, being the first Wednesday of the month, is senior citizen discount day at Fry’s grocery stores. I can put Shantel’s groceries on my Fry’s VIP card and she gets 10% off her groceries just like I do. With the tight budget she is on…. every little bit helps.

When I arrived at Shantel’s apartment location, I was shocked to see the entire entrance to her apartment complex blocked off with barricades and a huge truck. Since there is only one way into the apartment complex, I had no choice but to drive past her apartment complex and park in the first parking lot I came to which happened to be about a half a mile away. I parked my car and walked the half mile back to her apartment. When I arrived at the apartment complex, I found out the entire parking lot had just been repaved over the weekend and the workers were now  in the process of painting the strips that define each parking space…

As Shantel and I were leaving her apartment I asked one of the workers how long the process would take. He told me the job would take all day and the parking lot would remain closed until tomorrow. I told him I had to take my daughter to get her groceries and explained to him that we would have to walk a half a mile, carrying her weeks worth of groceries, and asked if I could get into the parking lot just long enough  to unload her groceries? He said “we sent out notices to each resident letting them know all cars had to be moved out and no one would be allowed back in until the job was complete…” I said “well, as you can clearly see, my daughter is blind and can not read written notices. I explained to him that we requested any notices be sent to her by phone message… At that he said “if you are just going to unload groceries and leave, when you get back with the groceries I will let you into the parking lot…” I didn’t say anything, but somehow I knew as soon as those words left his mouth it was not going to happen that way… I have just come to know these things over the years… but what choice did I have? I was already there, and Shantel told me she was running out of food, and I have other commitments for the remainder of the week…  So off we went to purchase the groceries…

I told Shantel to only get what she absolutely had to have to get through the week because we were going to have to carry all the groceries for about a half a mile when we get back. Shantel said “mom, the man just said he would let us in when we get back from the store…” Such a believer…, silly girl… 🙂

We bought the groceries which turned out to be eight, heavy bags full… Half of it was food and half was cleaning products.. Shantel then proceeds to tell me “just in case we do end up having to carry all these groceries for a half a mile, we better ask them to double bag everything.” She said every time her friend, Jaz, and Shantel go anywhere with bags full of stuff the bags usually end up breaking and Jaz has to pick stuff up from the sidewalk. Now I’m thinking to myself… OMG, could this just get any better?

I loaded all the double bagged bags of groceries into my car and drove back to Shantel’s apartment complex where the entrance was still blocked.  And, sure enough, not a worker was in sight… We drove back down to the parking lot a half a mile down the road… I unload the eight bags of groceries, giving Shantel four of the lightest ones while I carried all the heavy bags along with walking Shantel sighted guide down the street. What a sight that must have been to see. 🙂

Shantel can find humor in almost any situation… She told me on the way back to her apartment that I should have brought my camera so I could take pictures of us and do a blog post about our adventure… I told her I forgot to bring my camera, and even if I did have it I didn’t have a free hand to even snap a picture of us walking down the street like bag ladies, nor would I want to… Shantel laughed and said “oh mom, where is your sense of adventure..? I laughed and said “I like fun adventures… this ceased to be fun the minute I found out the entrance to your apartment complex was barricaded shut and I knew you still needed to get your groceries today!”

Once Shantel and her groceries were safely home, guess what I had to go do…? Yep, I still had to go purchase groceries for my house… Wouldn’t want to miss the first Wednesday of the month senior citizen 10% discount, now would I?

Oh, the things we do and call it fun!!! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Aug 08, 2014 @ 01:48:33

    You are a saint. And a very wise woman. xoxoxo More!


  2. katsbynp
    Aug 11, 2014 @ 01:00:43

    I love Shantel’s spirit to be able to find humor in most situation. Like Shantel, I used to think all would be true to their word but now do not always see it that way. Great post. Thanks for sharing


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