Daniel My Brother

A beautiful, top of the charts, hit song by Elton John. That song, even today makes me cry every time I hear it because the first time I heard it, my brother, Daniel, was leaving for Vietnam…I’m sure you know the song, but if not, you can Google it.

This is my brother, Daniel, and his beautiful wife Bea.


My brother, Daniel, is only 10 months older than me, and although I loved all three of my brothers, I always felt closest to Daniel. Even though he tricked, teased, and overall tormented me most of my life while we were growing up… If there was a trick or joke to be had…he made sure the trick or joke was on me… But still, through it all, as we got older, there has always been that underlying love and respect for each other. My oldest brother, Tommy, and youngest brother, Stephen, are now deceased, and I miss them more than I ever knew I could… and because I’ve lost both of them,  I don’t know what I would do without my brother, Daniel… We have shared so much family “stuff”…, good, bad, and ugly… he completely understands me like only a close sibling can…

Because Daniel lives 45 minutes from me, and both he and his wife, Bea, are still working, I don’t get to see Daniel as often as I would like. But last week he emailed me and said we should get together for lunch, and my heart leapt for joy!!! Daniel has just recently converted to eating Vegan, and suggested a Chinese restaurant close to my home, Chou’s Kitchen. Chou’s Kitchen is a tiny little place but has a large selection of vegetable dishes which was perfect for Daniel.

My husband Bill and I had never been there, but met Daniel and Bea at 1:00 for lunch.


Everything at Chou’s Kitchen is hand-made. Notice the owner in the background making the handmade noodles and dough for many other dishes… The menu is extensive,


covering both sides of the selections…


Bill and I shared an appetizer of pan-fried beef buns. OMG I had never had this but if I didn’t like anything else… I would return for these alone…


Then, I opted for the beef noodle stew.


WOW!! This was jammed packed with handmade noodles, tender beef, and veggies, in the most well seasoned beef broth I’ve ever had… There was so much in my bowl… I had to ask for a take home container…

With my choices made, I just took a picture of what my second choice would have been…these steamed pork, beef, chicken etc. dumplings. Don’t they look good?


Bill and I  shared a wonderful lunch with my brother, Daniel, and his wife Bea… but in the end…for me, it was never about the food, it was all about spending quality time with family… I love you Daniel!!!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Ellen Kaufman
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 23:18:41

    That was so nice to have lunch with Danny and his wife. Harvey and I love small places like that, they make there own food from scratch and fresh and not processed. Brothers are wonderful , my older brother Bob was like a father to me and my other brother. Freddie, who died at age 10 years, was my best friend and we use to roller skate everyday together until he got sick and wasn’t strong or well enough. I miss both of them very much. Enjoy each other as much as you can, as there is nothing like having a brother you get along with and truly love as a brother and your best buddy.


    • beyondcinderella
      Sep 15, 2014 @ 00:04:22

      Thank you Aunt Ellen. Both Bill and I are always looking for local places to support in our neighborhood and this one was very nice. The food was great, but just spending time with my brother, Daniel, made the whole experience so much more better… XoXo


  2. gotham girl
    Sep 14, 2014 @ 23:49:49

    Great food and with your BRO? Life couldn’t be better! We must go there…I love steam pork dumplings!! and YOU!


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