Shantel’s Day

Wednesday is the day I usually spend the mornings with my daughter Shantel. On most Wednesday’s I arrive at her apartment around 8:00 A.M. to take her to do her grocery shopping before dropping her off at school. However, that is never just a one stop trip… ever…, because Shantel always wants to stop at McDonald’s first to get something to eat, ect. This week I had some McDonald’s buy one get one free coupons I received in the mail so I save them for Shantel. She was delighted to hear that her favorite breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese, and bacon on a biscuit) was part of the two for one deal as well as caramel frappe’s.

I could not believe it when Shantel said she was going to have both the breakfast sandwiches and the frappe’s but sure enough, that is what she ordered, and she ate, and drank, every bit.. OMG, I don’t know where she puts it all and stays so slim… I keep telling her to enjoy it now (she’s 21) because she might not always have a metabolism like that when she gets older… 🙂


I so enjoyed visiting with Shantel while she enjoyed her breakfast. We always find something to laugh about and have so much fun together.

After Shantel finished her breakfast, she asked me to take her across the street to the neighborhood Walmart store. This is just a grocery store run by Walmart but Shantel insists she can get better deals, on certain items, at Walmart than she can at Fry’s. I keep telling her we ( make that me) spend more money in gas running from store to store than the few pennies she might save at Walmart. Especially, on the first Wednesday of the month when Fry’s offers 10% senior discounts on everything when I use my VIP card. But, she insisted, so off we went only to find that the items she thought she was going to get such a great deal on was out of stock…

Next stop is always Sally’s Beauty Supply Store where Shantel buys all her hair products. That girl can spend hours in Sally’s. She will pick up an item off the shelf, ask me what it is, and if it sounds like something she might be interested in, she will ask me to read the entire label to her so she knows exactly what it does then she compares it to the products she uses. If I get tired of reading labels to Shantel she will say “all girls do this mom, how else are we to know if we might like a new product or not?” I don’t remember doing any of that when I was younger… and even today, I stick to the things I like and know work. Shantel, on the other hand, has put many, many, many, products in the “I don’t like this” product graveyard after just one use…

Finally I manage to convince Shantel that we must get moving on to the grocery store or she will be late for her 11:00 Wednesday class. And off we go to Fry’s.

Shantel has the ability to make a grocery list on her smart phone, but she prefers to just have me take her up and down every row and tell her what we are passing so she can decide if she needs anything there or not. She has memorized every row and can usually tell me what row we are in just by smell. She defiantly knows the soap and cleaning product smells, and she can identify pet food items, meat, deli, produce, and of course the bakery department… She is a smart shopper and always asks me the unit price or price per pound. Sometimes she will get lazy and ask me what is the better deal… but I always come back with “you are the college student…. you tell me…” Then she will do the math in her head and tell me which item(s) she wants. In fact, Shantel could do her grocery shopping without me… she could use Dial-a-Ride to get to the store and ask Costumer Service to help her shop… but to save her the $4:00 each way Dial-a-Ride expense, and the wait for a store employee to be freed up to help her… I prefer to help her myself. Plus, it gives us at least one day a week for mother/daughter bonding, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world…

Grocery’s bought, we headed back to Shantel’s apartment to put them away. Then, it’s back in the car to drop Shantel off for her 11:00 class with just minutes to spare… Talk about “flying by the seat of your pants…” But, I have learned so much from being Shantel’s sighted guide over the years. Shantel lives life minute by minute… being blind, she is never in a hurry, and never misses the opportunity to stop, touch, listen, and ask “what’s that all about…. let’s go check it out…”

After I dropped Shantel off at school, I still had to go and buy groceries for my own home. Unlike Shantel, I do have a list and I stick to it…. but I have to say… buying groceries for my own home is never as exciting, or adventurous, as shopping with Shantel.

That evening, after dinner, as I sat with my husband, Bill/Bro, telling him about my day with Shantel, I looked out the front window of our house and saw God’s blessing on our day…


Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 15:24:49

    Have no clue where she puts it all!! Ahhh…to be that young again and eat like a horse! I hope her day won’t come! Love you!


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