Twice Is Nice

I got to spend another morning with Shantel this week which is always nice. Today I picked her up at her apartment for a doctor appointment. This is the outside of Shantel’s apartment.


This is the parking lot I spoke about, in a previous post, where the trash bins are.


You can see them right behind the parked cars. You might remember I spoke about how there is only one way in and out of the apartment complex and that road just behind the parked cars is always busy with residents coming and going making it very dangerous for Shantel to carry her trash to the bins. However, she has been very blessed to have good neighbors who are willing to help her out in between my visits. In fact, as we were leaving Fry’s last week, a man in his late 50’s came up to us in the parking lot and said he lives in the same apartment complex and he takes Shantel’s garbage over to the trash bins whenever he sees it outside her door. Of course I introduced myself and Shantel to him and thanked him for his help.

I arrived at Shantel’s apartment at 7:00 and was pleased to see she was up, dressed, and ready to go.


I had to get there early because her appointment was for 8:30 but of course, we had to stop at McDonald’s again so she could use some more of the 2 for 1 coupons I gave her. This time she ordered two large iced coffees and two breakfast sandwiches… I told Shantel if I drank that much liquid I would be peeing my pants before I could even make it to a restroom!


I had to laugh as she was eating and drinking her breakfast and she said “these coupons are like the best thing that ever happened to me.” You would think that girl never got anything to eat. Sometimes I feel like I can gain weight just sitting by watching her eat and drink like that… 🙂


After Shantel finished her breakfast it was off to the doctor, then a stop at the bank to get one dollar bills for Dial-a-Ride because they will only take exact change for the $4.00 one way fee. After the bank we had to make another stop at Fry’s, because she forgot to buy orange juice last week and said she misses having that in the morning… Of course, once in the store she decides we need to go check to see what might be on manager’s special in the bakery department. Sure enough, they had a box of two slices of German Chocolate Cake for $1.39. Shantel said she would take that then asked me to take her to the candy aisle so she could pick up some red twizzlers candy. She already ate the package we bought last Wednesday. In addition, she said she didn’t like the brand of salad croutons she bought last week so we needed to go grab a different brand so she could have them on her salad tonight…

As you can tell, stopping by to grab some orange juice turns into another shopping trip to get enough to hold her over until next Wednesday… I also think Shantel uses these pit stops as a way to spend time out of the house as well as getting out and around other people… and that is always a good thing.

Finally, we checked out of Fry’s and I took Shantel back to her appointment. With a big smile on her face, and her treats in her hand, she thanked me and made her way into her apartment saying she was already thinking about what she would have for lunch!


Gotta love it…!  🙂

Stay Tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Sep 20, 2014 @ 14:16:19

    That girl can really put it away!! You’re a great mom. Love you!


  2. katsbynp
    Sep 25, 2014 @ 01:35:05

    Mom and daughter time are always special. I know I enjoy spending time with Jen no matter what we are doing. Great post! XoXo


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