The Missing Watch

I went to visit my mother again today and found her fully dressed and sleeping in her bed when I arrived. I woke her up and asked her why she was back in bed instead of the activity room with all the other residents playing bingo? She seemed surprised to see me and a bit out of sorts again. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had a terrible morning and now she just wanted to stay in bed. I asked what made her morning so bad and she told me she had another, new, male, aid today that was told he needed to give her a shower. She said he took her to the shower room and took off her watch, bracelet, and necklace, and put them in his pocket, which she said they are supposed to do so they don’t get lost. She said  when she got back to her room the aid put all her jewelry in her drawer except her watch.

Mom told me she spent the entire morning looking for her watch. She said she went to the nurses station and reported it missing and she told everyone up and down the halls that her watch was missing… She said the nurses, aids, and even some of the other residents were going through her shower bag, wheelchair bag, nightstand drawers etc. looking for her watch. Mom said she told everyone that my brother, Danny, bought her that watch and he was going to be just as upset as she is when he finds out someone took her watch…

I put the call light on and asked the aid to please get mom out of bed and into her wheelchair so I could take her down to lunch. At first mom said she didn’t want to eat because she was too upset about her watch, but after some coaxing, she agreed to let me take her to the dining room… While the aid was helping mom out of bed and into her wheelchair, I took the opportunity to look through her things as well to see if I could find her watch, but found nothing.

Once we were in the dining room, I helped mom get her bib on and started reading the menu choices to her. Potato soup for a starter, then fish and chips or chicken Quesada. Mom decided on the chicken Quesada. As we were waiting for mom’s lunch to arrive, her tablemate, Joan, arrived at the table and asked mom why she didn’t show up at bingo? Mom proceeded to tell Joan all about her missing watch…

Finally mom’s potato soup arrived. Then, as mom reached out to take some of her soup, her jacket sleeve moved up and… YEP…, there was mom’s watch, resting comfortably on her arm… Oh MY!!!


I said “mom, there is your watch right there on your arm.” She looked at the watch, then at me, and then at Joan, and said “what do I do, I feel like I should start crying?” At that, all three of us started laughing and I snapped this picture.

Mom was very worried about what to say now since she made such a fuss about her missing watch. I told her not to worry, after lunch we would just go back to the nurses station and report that we found the missing watch… I said I’m sure things like this happen all the time around here and they won’t think it is any big deal, they will just be happy you now know where your watch is… and that is exactly what happened!

One thing is for sure… there is never a dull moment around here… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Stay Tuned!








6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Oct 10, 2014 @ 23:41:11

    Glad to hear the happy ending! Thank goodness mom put an old watch on dad when he went to the care center. It went missing and we never did find it! It was her lucky day, lol! Ya just gotta smile and keep going, don’t cha? xoxoxo


    • beyondcinderella
      Oct 11, 2014 @ 00:55:54

      Yes, Frissy, it was mom’s lucky day, because over the six years she has been in the Care Center, I’ve lost track of how many items, including money, that have gone missing… Thanks for always commenting on my blog. It means the world to me… XoXo


  2. Megs
    Oct 11, 2014 @ 13:36:09

    Sounds like an adventure Virginia. Love you!


  3. katsbynp
    Oct 25, 2014 @ 00:39:07

    So glad you were able to find her watch..even if it was on her wrist. Thanks for sharing your never dull life.
    Love you


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