I’m a BIG believer in only having things around me in my home that bring me happiness and joy. I recently read an article by sisters Laura Carlin, and Alison Forbes, that said “one of the most effective things you can do is to create a home that nourishes and inspires you to live with things you love.” I totally agree with that thought process. Laura and Alison also have a website at www.inspiredeverydayliving.com

Several years ago I went through my entire home and got rid of everything and anything that did not hold a special happy memory for me. What a difference that made in the way I feel about my home, and the things I display in it. I was finally able to find the peace I was looking for within my home…

I love to find unique ways to decorate with things I love. Not just going out and buying something to decorate with, but rather looking around my home and repurposing, and displaying, a treasured item in a new way.

Because of my love of cooking, I watch a lot of cooking shows for inspiration for new recipes. One of the cooking shows I watch is Sandra Lee’s, Simi-homemade. I like her show because she not only demonstrates how to cook simple everyday meals, she also demonstrates how to create beautifully decorated tables using simple everyday items. Even the TV kitchen set her show is filmed in is decorated differently for every show to match the theme of the menu… Seeing how her set was decorated with simple materials for window coverings, that can be changed out at will…, inspired me to repurpose one of my most treasured items in a new and unique way.

Many, many years ago, when I was still working in Corporate America, our company hosted a dinner/dance evening out at the Arizona Science Center where the Titanic exhibit was being shown. Everyone was invited to come dressed in costume, so of course, being the fun-loving good sports my husband Bill and I are… I went as the unsinkable Molly Brown, and Bill went as my Gambler suitor…

This is the photo we had taken as we entered the Titanic exhibit. Just look how young and beautiful we were there. 🙂


We rented our outfits for the night, but I bought the beautiful black fringe shawl I’m wearing just because I loved it so much. I’ve kept that beautiful shawl all these years but have never worn it. It just stayed in my dresser drawer, where I would look at it from time to time, and remember how much fun Bill and I had the night we visited the Titanic exhibit all those years ago.

Now fast forward to this week when I was inspired to repurpose my treasured shawl…


I love the way the roses show up so well when the light from the window comes in behind it. I also think the fringe gives a wink to my rustic, cowgirl/saloon girl theme within my home.

Now, every time I walk into my kitchen, I can see my beautiful shawl that serves a new purpose, and makes me smile… 🙂

Stay tuned!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megs
    Oct 19, 2014 @ 21:33:54

    Fun photo! PCS used to put on the best events. I miss those days. xoxo


  2. gotham girl
    Oct 19, 2014 @ 21:59:07

    Well first…you two are still beautiful…and soooooo young at heart! 🙂 Now that is a keeper of a photo! Oh…I remember that event. Like Megs said…those were the best events! Love your new decor. It is so YOU!!!!! xoxoxo more!


  3. katsbynp
    Oct 25, 2014 @ 01:58:55

    First, I love the picture you both look like you are having so much fun. Second, what a wonderful way to use the shawl. It brings back a great memory and fits so perfectly in that window.
    Love you


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