Medical Marijuana

When our daughter, Shantel, lost both eyes to cancer at the age of two, both my husband, Bill and I had to get very busy, very fast, learning everything we could about total blindness and how to live with it, or more importantly, how to help our little daughter learn to live without sight in a sighted world.

I learned very quickly that as a child Shantel would take things very literally which meant I was always looking for ways to help her see in her mind what I was seeing with my eyes. I will never forget the first time Shantel asked me what is it like to see? I was fixing her hair in the hall bathroom of  our home and the shower curtain in that bathroom was white lace. I still have that shower curtain and it hangs in the hall bathroom in our home now…

When Shantel first asked me what it is like to see, I was struck dumb for a few minutes as my mind raced to find an answer that a small child could understand… Then, I picked up a section of the lace shower curtain and asked Shantel to touch it and tell me what she feels… She ran her fingers over and over the lace and said “it’s smooth in some places, has little holes throughout it, and is rough in some places.” I said “you described it exactly and the only difference in the way you came to know what it looks like in your mind and how I see it is that I don’t have to touch it to know it is rough, smooth and has little holes throughout…” After that, I knew that when I wanted to let Shantel know what something looks like… I would need to be very descriptive so she could really get a good picture of the item in her mind…? From that day on when I walk sighted guide with Shantel, as her mother, it has always been very important to me to make sure Shantel has a good picture in her mind of the surroundings we are in, and I go into great detail to explain to her everything I see…

After the initial shock of learning that Shantel’s sight could not be saved and she would be blind for life… we had no choice but to accept it and learn to live with it the best we could… we always hope for a miracle breakthrough for Shantel but for now, her reality is life as it is today… From time to time Shantel will share with me her thoughts of what she would have done with her life if she could see… When she was very young she wanted to be a Lawyer, then a Judge.  But now, at the age of 21, first on the list is that she would study to be a nurse. She is very interested in the medical field, which is what prompted our discussion today…

Shantel calls me everyday and we talk about everything and anything…. Today, she was telling me that her friend, Jaz, shared with Shantel that she has a friend that Jaz has known since grade school. They are both 22 now and Jaz has two degrees and is working as a manager of a group home for people with severe disabilities. The friend of Jaz also earned a degree in college, but has let her life slip into all sorts of drugs, alcohol, and worse… Jaz tries to help her long time friend get her life back on track, but she refuses to change her ways… In fact, this “friend” even tries to bring Jaz into her world saying Jaz should “at least lighten up and smoke some weed with her…” Jaz told her friend she doesn’t want to get into drugs of any kind and she has way to much to lose to smoke weed because Jaz is required to take random drug tests for her job…

Jaz told Shantel that her friend really doesn’t want to have a steady job and in fact she is trying to get a medical marijuana card so she can get high when ever she wants without worrying about going to jail.

When Shantel told me about this friend of Jaz trying to get a medical marijuana card I asked what bases would she say she needed to have a medical marijuana card? Shantel laughed out loud and said “Mom, these people know how to get everything… they know what doctors to go to and what to say to get what they want. She said if you have the money which includes a $150.00 a year state fee, and you come up with an ailment that sounds remotely good… these doctors will give you what you want… I asked what type of “ailments they say they have?” Shantel said ” they say things like Bi-polar, depression, chronic pain etc.” Then, she cracked me up when she said “Oh hell, mom, according to what these people say… if I wanted to get a medical marijuana card, I could probably go in and convince them that it would help me see again, and these Doctors  would write out a prescription for me…” OMG!! I don’t even know why, but that is the funniest thing I have heard all week… Really, Really, Sad, but it struck me as really funny!!! I can just imagine what Shantel would tell one of those doctors she could see if she smoked pot…

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Nov 25, 2014 @ 00:37:29

    Funny you bring up this topic. I just read an article a few days ago talking about how easy it is to get medical marijuana…just using chronic back pain as a diagnosis is a big one! But she’s exactly right in everything she says! Every day is a learning experience, right? xoxoxo More!


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