Memories Of Christmas Past

I’ve always loved Christmas. I remember as a little girl, about a week before Christmas, my family would go to the Christmas tree lot and we would pick out what looked like the biggest, and prettiest, Christmas tree I ever saw. Every year our Christmas tree looked like the best Christmas Tree ever, at least to me…

However, when we brought the Christmas Tree home, we didn’t put it in the living room and decorate it. No, we put it on the back porch, in a bucket of water, where it stayed until Christmas Eve, when Santa came, and he put our tree in our living room and decorated it for us. I thought Santa did that for all children… You see, my mother was an RN and always had to work until Midnight on Christmas Eve and she wanted to be involved in helping Santa get our tree ready and all the presents in place…so she and Santa would put the tree up when she got home from work…

Oh, the joy on Christmas morning when my three brother’s and I ran into the living room and saw our beautiful Christmas Tree all lit up and all our toys just waiting for us under it.

My brothers and I tore into those presents like we had never had a present in our lives. No one waited to be handed anything… if it looked like it was yours, it was… lucky for me that I was the only girl so I always knew if there was a doll under the tree it was for sure mine!

After we made short work of opening all our presents, my mother made us get all dressed up in our Sunday best so we could go to Christmas Mass. But before we left for church, we always had to get a group picture in front of our beautiful Christmas Tree that Santa decorated up for us… Notice there are not many “real” ornaments on it but it has lots of “special” Christmas Card ornaments… Looked beautiful to me, and my brothers look pretty happy too…

From right to left it’s me, my oldest brother Tommy in the dark shirt (now deceased), Danny in the stripped shirt and Stephen in the white shirt (now deceased). And, in the background, is our family dog we named Troubles… Don’t we look like something… almost like a scene right out of the TV show, Spanky and Our Gang… Those were happy times and treasured memories…


Another favorite Christmas memory for me is when our daughter, Shantel, was a very small child, we would always tell her about how she needed to be real good because Santa was watching her and he was making his list of who is naughty and who is nice so he knows who to bring toys to on Christmas Eve and who will only get a lump of coal in their stocking… That went on for a few weeks before Christmas until on day Shantel said “I like the Easter Bunny better than Santa.” I asked her why she would say that and she said “because the Easter Bunny brings you an Easter Basket full of candy and toys and he doesn’t get all up in your business like Santa does wanting to know how good you’ve been…” I thought I would die laughing, and still chuckle when I think about how serious she was when she said that…

Would love to hear you favorite Christmas memory…

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 01:14:13

    Let me tell ya…I’m lovin’ those shoes girlfriend!! What a fabulous capture…and one that I know you will treasure forever! xoxoxo more!!!


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