Christmas Love

Today was the big father/daughter, and this year, Shantel’s BFF, and our family friend, Jaz, Christmas cookie bake-off!!! Of course, as you know if you know me, or follow my blog, I don’t like to bake and will make haste to get out of the house and leave all the baking fun to those that truly appreciate it…

But before I left the house, I did get a few pictures of the master mind of the assembly line, Bill/Bro and his diligent helpers measuring, mixing, shaping, and baking their Christmas cookie treasures…



Many hands helped make these Christmas cookies special, which also made it happen in record time.


All their efforts produced 6 dozen of the all-time favorite at our house, Neiman-Marcus cookies, and


Three dozen of the second favorite for our family, ginger cookies…


Plenty of cookies for Jaz to take some home, and of course Shantel wasn’t about to leave without some to take home as well. Then, we will have some for Christmas Eve at our house when we host dinner for our family and friends, and still have plenty to take on Christmas Day when we share dinner with our family friends in their home… Thanks Bill, Shantel, and Jaz for all your hard work making this Christmas baking season another BIG success!

While the bake-a-thon was going on at our house, I went to visit my mother at the Care Center. She received a Christmas card in the mail at our house from her sister, my Aunt Ellen. I read the card to mom and in the card was a beautiful Irish Shamrock necklace. Mom was very excited to receive it and asked me to put it on her immediately.


What a beautiful necklace. It has little rhinestones on each clover leaf and a green rhinestone in the middle. Thank you Aunt Ellen for making my mother smile with your very thoughtful gift.


Well, if all that Christmas love was not enough for one day…. look who came rushing around the corner and stopped to give me a BIG Christmas hug, just making my day!!! Yep, it’s David… he is out of the hospital and so grateful to be back with what he said is his “home and family” within the care center…P1030652

I can’t even begin to explain how good it felt to hug David, and he said I was the first person tall enough (not in a wheelchair) that has given him a hug since he has been back… He said it is difficult to reach down to hug with all the staples he has in him right now from his surgery.. I have to say that David looks better than I have ever seen him look…

I told David that my family, and many people throughout the country have been praying, sending positive thoughts and energy his way ever since we found out he was going into surgery…. Then he shared a little bit of his hospital ordeal with me. David told me he went into heart failure in the intensive care unit and had to be revived twice… he said he doesn’t know what all happened to him but he remembers he saw the most beautiful colors he had ever seen and said he can’t even find the words to explain how vivid those colors were because we don’t have colors like that here on earth… he said he saw his grandmother and other family members but he couldn’t go to them because there was an open divide between him and them.. then he said he heard a voice telling him he was being shown this because he has always treated others the way he would want to be treated…but it wasn’t his time yet so he needed to go back… David said the next thing he knew he was back in the hospital in his body that was on a ventilator and being told to try to start breathing on his own… he said all he could think about was trying to force himself to take a breath and eventually he did and was removed from the ventilator… the most remarkable thing David shared with me was that after he heard about what had happened to him, he looked at the paperwork that was sent with him to the hospital and discovered it was the wrong paperwork… David was supposed to be a DNR. But, because the wrong paperwork was sent to the hospital, he was revived, and survived the whole ordeal.

David told me now, he is glad the wrong paperwork was sent to the hospital because not only did he survive, but the leg that had the gangrene and was supposed to be amputated… and that he has not been able to put any weight on in seven years… he can now stand on!!! All the swelling is gone, and the doctors are so amazed that they ordered further test to see if the gangrene is gone and if in fact David might be able to use that leg and if so be fitted with a prostatic for his other leg.. and David might one day walk again…!!! OMG wouldn’t that be the ultimate Christmas Love?

Just goes to show… NEVER give up on your dreams… no matter how far-fetched they may be…

Merry Christmas LOVE to all…

Stay Tuned!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 00:05:51

    Wow! What a great thing to see David! He is surely going to get a high place in Heaven. So glad he is getting better! Love the shamrock. Bro, EH! Shantel and her friend look great. I didn’t see any anise cookies Bro?? Love you all


    • beyondcinderella
      Dec 22, 2014 @ 02:20:51

      Yes, John, it made my day to see David looking so well. Bill said the anise cookies are what your mother always made and he loves them but since Shantel was the director of the cookie baking day she decided what cookies to make. I don’t think she ever had anise cookies so perhaps before next year she can get introduced to them and if she likes them they might make the cut for next Christmas… one never knows with her… Merry Christmas to you and yours. Love and hugs to all. Xoxo


  2. katsbynp
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 02:52:55

    David looks so good! Miracles do happen and Thank God the wrong paperwork was sent.
    Cookies look delicious..Great job by the Bakers! The shamrock is beautiful

    Wishing you and yours a Merry and Blessed Christmas.

    Love to all of you.


  3. Ellen Kaufman
    Dec 22, 2014 @ 04:46:26

    It’s so good to see my sister’s smile on her face. I wanted to make her happy and she turned it all around and made my day. Instead of a gift to her she gave me one back just to see the twinkle in her eyes and her smile. And David with all the prayers and the mix up with his papers God really made miracles happen for him. He must be one special person God wants to keep sharing him with people on earth. He has more things in store for David. What a wonderful Christmas ,Virginia you have made for me by sharing this blog and by the way awesome supervision in the kitchen, Bill. The girls did a fabulous job making delicious cookies for you all. God bless and Merry Christmas


    • beyondcinderella
      Dec 22, 2014 @ 20:49:41

      Thanks Aunt Ellen. Mom really loved the necklace. It was very thoughtful of you to send it to her. Yes, David is a very special person and I am so happy he is back and doing so well. We wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and the very best of the New Year. XoXo


  4. gotham girl
    Dec 24, 2014 @ 13:05:38

    I’m in tears over David’s story. Oh what a special man he is!! Aren’t you glad you were able to escape the great bake day, ha ha!! Sounds like my Bro made it another fabulous baking day! As long as the kitchen was clean, they can knock themselves out, right! LOL. Big Christmas hugs coming your way. Love you! xoxoxo MORE


    • beyondcinderella
      Dec 24, 2014 @ 13:40:21

      Yes, frissy, David is a VERY special man and such an inspiration to so many people. And, yes, I am glad I was able to escape the bake day. Bro and the girls did a great job and the kitchen was spotless when I got home…! Christmas love, hugs and MORE to you too frissy. Can’t wait to see you soon! XoXo


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