Missing Rosaries

Many years ago my father bought my mother a pair of beautiful emerald-green metal rosaries made in Ireland. She loved those rosary beads and used them often. After my father died, and my mother became too ill for me to care for her in our home, she had to be moved to a 24/7 skilled Nursing Care Center. Of all her possessions, the only things she insisted upon taking with her was an eight-by-ten photo of her and my father, and the emerald-green rosaries.

Every Wednesday is Catholic Church Service at the Care Center. The residents participating in the church service all say the rosary together and receive Holy Communion. My mother was always proud to pull out her emerald-green rosaries and show them to all the other residents telling them that her husband bought them for her many, many, years ago…

About a year ago the emerald-green rosaries my mother loved so much went missing… My mother called me crying and asked me to come and help her look for them. I tore her room apart, but the rosaries were never found… When the lady that leads the Catholic Church Service heard about my mother losing her prized rosaries, she bought my mother another beautiful rosary from the gift shop of the church she attends. My mother used those rosaries for several months then they went missing as well… Again, my mother called asking me to come and help her find her new rosaries… and again I searched every inch of her room but I could not find those rosaries either… So, I bought my mother another pair of rosaries and she has been using them for the past several months… or I should say she was using them until this past Wednesday, when she went to take them out of the tote bag she has on the back of her wheelchair, and once again… the rosaries were nowhere to be found… This time my mother reported the missing rosaries to the head nurse and demanded that the entire Care Center be searched. She said this is the third pair of rosaries that have been stolen from her and she wants to know who the thief is and have them return all of her rosaries now! The head nurse called me and told me my mother was VERY upset and asked me if I knew the value of the rosaries so if they aren’t found, the Care Center could at least reimburse the cost… I told the head nurse that would not be necessary as I realize things like this happen…. and asked to speak to my mother. When my mother got on the phone she said she had been upset all day worrying about the missing rosaries. I told my mother to just forget about it now and try to relax. I told her she can just start using the rosaries the Church Service provides for those who don’t have rosaries of their own. I said “if someone has to stoop to stealing rosaries, let’s just think that they must really need them more than you do, and we will just keep them in our daily prayers. …”

Today, when I went to visit my mother, I noticed the tote bag on the back of her wheelchair seemed stuffed… As I was helping her play bingo, I started looking in the tote bag and found three pair of pants that I knew did not belong to my mother. I pulled the pants out and looked inside for a name, and sure enough I found that the pants belong to her roommate, Stella. I looked further and found a Christmas gift bag with a tag on it and… YEP, it said Stella… Then, I realized the tote my mother had on her wheelchair was brown and white… My mother’s tote is green and black… I looked around the room and saw my mother’s roommate, Stella, and sure enough, the tote on the back of her wheelchair was green and black… I took the tote off my mother’s wheelchair and went over to Stella. I told Stella that I believe she has my mother’s tote bag and my mother has hers and let her know I was going to exchange them. Stella was a little anxious about me taking the tote off her wheelchair until I told her that there were three pair of her pants in the tote bag my mother had on her wheelchair that I believe belong to her… she smiled and said “I’ve been looking all over for those pants.”

When I took the tote that belongs to my mother back to her place at the table, I looked inside and sure enough there were two of the three missing rosaries… the one the Church Service lady bought my mother and the one I bought her. The one my father bought her are yet to be found… But two out of three isn’t bad..! I can find peace in that… My mother…, not so much… 🙂

Stay Tuned!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jan 08, 2015 @ 23:39:22

    GREAT story! During the five months that Dad was in Care Center we could never find his glasses. One day I found another man wearing them. We never did find his watch. I don’t know how the nurses can keep up! Love you!


  2. katsbynp
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 04:05:47

    There is a song “two out of three ain’t bad” but I know that is probably not enough for you Mom and I certainly can understand as my Mom would have been the same way. Great post and thanks for sharing. XoXo


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