Road Trip(s)

After several years of no contact with my daughter, Katie, I reached out to her and asked her if perhaps we could try again to work things out between us. She agreed. Too many years, that we can’t get back, have passed. Both Katie and I agreed that we are not getting any younger, and we don’t want to lose any more precious time. So, we agreed to put our differences aside, agreed that we just disagree on some things, and that there are certain things that we are not going to talk about, but we are not going to let that keep us from reconnecting and rebuilding our relationship to the best of our abilities.

After several conversations, we agreed to go to dinner. Katie told me her son, our grandson, Marcus, was home for the winter break from U of A in Tucson. Bill and I haven’t seen Marcus in several years either, so we made plans for Katie and Marcus to come to our house, then Bill and I and Katie and Marcus all went out to dinner together. It was so good to see Katie and Marcus again. I told them both how much I love them and how very much I’ve missed them. Both Katie and Marcus said they felt the same way.

Within the next day or two we arranged to pick up Marcus and take him and his sister Shantel out to dinner. Shantel and Marcus were always very close and they were happy to reconnect and spend time together again as well.

Katie, is working towards a reconnection with Shantel as well. It’s a slow process, but Katie agrees, as the saying goes… “anything worth having is worth working towards and waiting for.”

Katie works two jobs. Monday through Friday during the day, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at night. She is helping to support and send her son, Marcus, through college. Bill and I found out that Marcus needed to be back to U of A in Tucson this weekend so he can resume classes on Wednesday. Katie was going to drive him back to Tucson today after working all day Friday, then working the night shift Friday night, then returning to work the night shift tonight…. When we heard that, Bill and I asked if we could drive Marcus back to Tucson. Katie and Marcus agreed and a road trip was in the works…

We picked Marcus up at 9:00 this morning at Katie’s apartment and made the two-hour road trip to Tucson. We took him to Walmart to pick up school supplies and some snack items for his dorm room etc.


Then we stopped and had pizza for lunch… Just look at this yummy thin crust pizza Bill/Bro and I shared,


And the beautiful calzone Marcus had…


After lunch we drove Marcus to his off campus dorm room that is run by the university and strict rules…


We waited for him to check-in so we could help him carry his bags and school supplies to his room before we returned home… Marcus was only gone a short time when he returned walking very slowly and looking somewhat upset… I said is everything alright? Marcus said “well, not really, it seems I can’t get back into my dorm room until tomorrow at noon!” At first I thought he was just kidding his grandma… but no, it was true… So we brought him back home and will drive him back to Tucson tomorrow when he can get in his dorm room at 12:00 noon… I asked Marcus if he was told before he left for winter break when he could come back and he said there was a meeting and he went, but the only thing they said was the students could come back this weekend… No one knew “this weekend” meant Sunday at 12:00 noon.. Oh, well, we had a good laugh, and I said “no one would believe this…. but you really can’t make this stuff up…!

Bill and I are happy to do another road trip tomorrow to get Marcus back to Tucson… 🙂 🙂 We don’t mind we just say it’s all an adventure, and we love it!!!

Stay tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 00:53:19

    You are amazing. And I love you dearly…


  2. katsbynp
    Jan 11, 2015 @ 16:08:31

    It is wonderful you are reconnecting as life is too short. Have fun on your second road trip this weekend and that pizza looked delicious.
    Thanks for sharing XoXo


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