Meet Donald


Donald is a jolly man who lives at the same Care Center as my mother. In fact, Donald’s room is just down the hall from my mother. I have seen Donald over the past few months at bingo, and he always stops by my mother’s table to say hello on his way out of the dining room. Donald told me that he gives my mother fruit, like grapes, oranges, etc. from time to time when he sees her sitting in the hall outside her room. It seems that Donald has taken a shine to my mother…

I think Donald is a very nice man and he always shares the most interesting and funny stories with me. Seems he is a bit of a prankster too. He told me that when he first came to the Care Center, a few months ago, he told the nurses that his teeth were missing and he needed someone to help him find them. He said the whole staff got involved in trying to find his teeth. He said they went through every drawer and cabinet in his room and came up with nothing. He said they came back to him and said they can’t find them and he told them to just keep looking because he really misses them…. After a couple of hours he said he couldn’t stand it any more and told them that he never had any teeth to begin with…. He lost them years ago and never could afford to have them replaced… He said he could hardly keep a straight face while the staff was looking high and low for his teeth…. Lucky for him, he said it was a slow day and the staff found it funny too… What a character!

Donald told me he came to Arizona from New Jersey for health reasons and because he couldn’t tolerate the cold weather any more (I can relate to that…) He said his health continued to decline and he ended up requiring 24/7 nursing care which brought him to the Care Center where my mother lives… He also told me that his kids still live in New Jersey so he doesn’t have any family to visit him here. Because of that, I always try to spend some time visiting with Donald when I visit my mother.

My mother thinks Donald is “alright”, but she said he talks too much and gets on her nerves… However, I don’t think my mother really has anything in particular against Donald, it’s just that she has taken a real shine to Bob, the man who comes to visit his sister every day and eats at the table with my mother…  My mother wants to know where Bob is every minute he is in the Care Center and if he leaves for a minute or two she gets upset and asks everyone where he is…. My mother told me she thinks Bob is a nice looking man and can’t understand why someone hasn’t snapped him up by now. I told her that perhaps Bob doesn’t want anyone else. He had a beautiful wife (he showed us pictures) and he talks about her as if she was the love of his life… This is Bob in the tan shirt pushing his sister’s wheelchair…



I’ve written about Bob in previous posts. I think Bob is just a delightful man too, but I don’t think Bob has taken a shine for my mother… he’s just a nice man who lives alone and enjoys the company of the residents and visitors at the Care Center.

Well, Donald just recently became my mother’s new table mate in the dinning room, and my mother is not the least bit happy about it. Apparently, there was some disruptions at some other tables, and some people got moved around. The staff thought Donald would do better at my mother’s table and just assigned him to that table without notice, which apparently did not sit well with my mother either.

When I went to visit my mother today, I passed Donald in the activity room, and as always I gave him a hug, and he kissed me on the cheek. Then he told me that he is now sitting with my mother to eat, and he is trying to be nice and make conversation with her, but she isn’t being very nice at all. I told Donald I would talk to my mother and find out what is going on with her…

When I went over to my mother, she was trying to play bingo, but was having trouble finding some of the numbers, so I sat down and helped her. It didn’t take long for her to start telling me that she has a new tablemate that she doesn’t want… I told her I saw Donald on my way in and he told me that he was sitting at her table now, and that he didn’t think she really wanted him there but that is the table he was assigned to so he had no choice. My mother said “well, he just wanted to get to you first so he could turn this all around to make him look good. I reminded my mother that she doesn’t own the table she sits at and she has to allow other residents to sit there when they are told to do so… I also reminded her that Bob and I are not residents so if ever the Care Center needed the seats that Bob and I sit in when we are there, we would have to give those seats up to real residents… Then I said, “just be nice, and let Donald and Bob both sit with you…. nothing wrong with that…” She said “I am nice, you just don’t understand how it is around here.” I smiled and told her that I’m pretty sure I do know how “it” is, it’s just that “it’s” not always the way you want “it…”

Who knew a Care Center full of old folks could generate so much DRAMA… gotta love “it”… 🙂 🙂

Stay Tuned!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jan 15, 2015 @ 22:17:03

    Oh…so love your care center stories…keep em coming! xoxoxox your frister


  2. razorbackwriteraus
    Jan 16, 2015 @ 01:40:15

    Wonderful story, cindy.


  3. katsbynp
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 01:38:16

    What a great post. I loved when your Mom said you just don’t how it is around here. Never a dull moment at the Care Center. Thanks for sharing. XoXo


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