Way To Go Bro!

Some of you may have noticed I have not posted anything since January 15th. Big thank-you to everyone that inquired about my whereabouts… I wasn’t feeling well for a while, but I’m doing better now. Then I got some depressing news about two people I care about…. Bob, the man who comes to spend everyday with his Sister at the Care Center where my mother lives is in Intensive Care. This is Bob in the tan shirt pushing his sister in her wheelchair. Bob is 87 yrs old himself and has Parkinson’s…



Bob didn’t show up at the Care Center for a few days so the Care Center called the police to do a well check on him. Thank God they did because they found him on the floor unresponsive, and rushed him to the hospital. He lives alone, and has no other family other than his sister, Annie, at the Care Center. As of this post, we don’t know how he is or even if he is still alive thanks to HIPA laws. All I know is the Care Center said after a certain period of time passes with no contact for his sister, they may be able to get the hospital to release information about Bob. He is in my constant thoughts and prayers.

The same day I found out about Bob, I also found out that our friend, David, the man who lost one of his legs in a car accident and just recently underwent a very long and complicated surgery to repair internal injuries… has some kind of horrible infection (his roommate died from it) and David is in isolation in his room. This is David.


No one other than staff (suited in gown, gloves, mask, and shoe booties) is allowed in David’s room, and of course, he can’t come out… I asked how he is doing and was told he is very depressed. I have his cell phone number and I called him but he didn’t answer. I left a message asking him to call me back but as of this post I haven’t heard from him. He is also in my constant thoughts and prayers…

Of course, with both Bob, and David, in bad shape, my mother is very upset with worry about them. We are trying to manage that and keep her from getting depressed…

With all that going on…. I was pleased, proud, and happy, to find out my Bro, Danny, was chosen as a collaborator for a book! Way to go Bro!!!

Here is the book.


And his certificate of appreciation…


And his name in print… See under collaborators, second name down, Dan Vezie. That’s my Bro…


Danny works at Maricopa Unified School District. His main function is running the warehouses that supply the schools within Maricopa Unified School District, but he also went to pest control school and learned how to eliminate pests without harsh chemicals, and was instrumental in developing a pest control method, that is safe for the children, teachers, and environment, within the Maricopa Unified School District. That lead to him being selected as a collaborator for the Handbook On Pests Of Community Environments In The Desert Southwest United States. The book was published by the University Of Arizona!

I just could not be any prouder of you Danny. Love and hugs, Sis.

Stay tuned!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Feb 02, 2015 @ 19:44:16

    Oh I am so sorry to hear all of this news! We’ve all grown to know both Bob and David…so please keep us posted. So so sad…

    And a big shout out to your bro for his great work! I’m sure the folks really appreciated Danny’s expertise!!

    Hope you’re still feeling better cause we have GIRLIE time coming up! Love you…more.


    • beyondcinderella
      Feb 02, 2015 @ 20:37:57

      Thank you Frissy. I will post updates on Bob and David as I have more information. And, YES… I am still feeling better and am looking forward to our “GIRLIE” time together. MORE… XoXo


  2. Ellen Kaufman
    Feb 04, 2015 @ 01:28:21

    What a bittersweet blog you posted! Bitter as I am sad for my sister’s friends are going through rough times which upset her and makes me sad and I will be praying for them and Sweet for Danny , as I am so proud and pleased for aknowlegement and credits to this book.. As I am sure him Mom is if she understands what he has done! Take from me Danny, your parents would so proud and over the hill with you! I can just hear them now telling us all about it. God bless you both for being such wonderful and caring children of theirs❤️


    • beyondcinderella
      Feb 05, 2015 @ 15:30:57

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, it is sad to know people you’ve come to know and care about are sick or in the hospital and you can’t find out anything about them because of HIPPA laws… I’m not sure how much mom understands about Danny’s contribution to the book. I printed out the pictures and showed them to her and she was pleased but didn’t really say too much. Although it is hard for her sometimes to find the words she wants now… Love to all. XoXo


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