Turquoise is my favorite color and the color I decided I will use as accents throughout our new motorhome. The big moving sale is fast approaching and in addition to selling almost everything else we own, we will also sell our china and everyday dinnerware. We don’t want to have glass, china, etc. clanking around in the motorhome as we are traveling down the road. And, we want to keep things as lightweight as possible. So my heart skipped a beat when I found this beautiful turquoise 100% melamine 20 piece dinnerware set at Costco today!


The set includes 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 desert plates, 4 soup size bowls, and 4 smaller bowls.


It’s perfect for what we need. It’s lightweight, durable, perfect for indoor or outdoor entertaining, and it’s bpa free.. What more could I need?

Now Bill and I will be all set to host our first small dinner party with our yet to meet new friends… and I can’t hardly wait! I’m already thinking about quick and easy, but delicious one pot meal menu’s I can make.

This is all just beyond exciting for us, and I want to say thank-you for following along on our journey and wishing us well… 🙂 🙂

Stay Tuned!





Another Step Closer

“With age in my eyes and gray in my hair…” that’s how it will be when my husband Bill and I finally wrap up the business of selling off all our possessions (garage/moving /everything must go sale on 4/11/15), sell our home, buy our motorhome, and begin what we hope will be many happy years of traveling together to all the places we’ve talked about seeing since we first began our lives together almost 28 years ago.

So, another goal for me in the process of preparing to begin full-time RVing, is to let my hair go gray. I stopped coloring my hair a while back and now I just keep getting the color cut off (got it cut again yesterday) to let the natural gray shine through in all it’s glory… 🙂



See, Bill always put the color on my hair for me and we don’t want to mess with doing all that in a motorhome while we are traveling and having fun… Bill says he really likes the gray in my hair and can’t wait to see it when it’s all gray. At first I wasn’t sure if he really means that or he just loves me and wants me to feel good about myself even now while I’m going through this let the gray out transition period… Either way…. we won’t have long to wait now before it will be all gray, most likely just another hair cut or two…

Stay Tuned!

Back To Basics

As we continue on our journey of selling most of our possessions in preparation for getting our home “move-in” ready to sell, so we can buy our motorhome and get on the road to full-time RVing, as of this writing, we’ve sold our living room sofa, dinning room table, large liquor cabinet complete with liquor and china/wine glasses, both guest bedroom sets, our master bedroom set (made a deal with my daughter that we can keep it until the house sells so we’re not sleeping on the floor), our Pub table sold last night (we will buy a cheap set of TV tables to eat off of) even our patio set sold… I also sold my full set of Emeril stainless steel cookware last night… I loved that cookware but it was a large set and very heavy. So, now all I have left is what Bill and I had when we began our life together which is this…


The orange Dutch oven I can cook almost anything in. I will even use it to boil water for pasta and make the sauce in one of the skillets, like the must have cast-iron skillet I kept. I also kept two non-stick skillets with one lid, and a stainless steel colander. If I can’t cook what we need in these….then it just won’t be cooked. The challenge I will have is, as anyone who has even been to my home for dinner knows…. I do have a tendency to cook way more than is necessary… way more… However, beginning today, I am going to start practicing cooking smaller amounts that will be just right for two people instead of half the neighborhood… I’m going to make a pot of homemade split pea and ham soup for dinner in the Dutch oven, and serve it with warm crusty bread, and I won’t make more than we need for dinner and lunch the next day.

I even gave up my big pot I used to make large pots of jambalaya! But, for those that love it…. I can still make it in the Dutch oven, just in smaller amounts…:) We will also have a table-top grill that comes with a smoker. Bill loves to smoke meats and I know how to make a really good smoked chicken pasta salad that will be perfect after a day of fishing, sight-seeing, or just plain relaxing…. YUMMY!!! I can’t wait!

Now, all that is left to sell is our china hutch, china, two dressers, but someone is interested in them also, and lots of knickknacks.. Our dear friends Holly and Chuck are bringing tables over on Friday 3/27 so I can use them when we have our moving sale, everything must go sale, including the house sale on 4/11. Never know, someone might walk in and want to buy our house right on the spot… if not, we will list it with a realtor the next week, and as soon as we sell it we will buy our motorhome and be on our way… I wish it were today!!!

Stay Tuned for updates as we continue along on our journey to retirement freedom… 🙂 🙂




St. Patrick’s Day

My mother asked me to come and join her for St. Patrick’s Day festivities at the Care Center where she lives. When I arrived she was already in the activity room all decked out in her green outfit complete with a Happy St. Patrick’s Day crown.


The room was decorated with all kinds of St. Patrick’s Day dĂ©cor..




 Cupcakes and some kind of green juice was being passed out to all the residents. The green shamrock on top of the cupcakes was a plastic ring meant as a little keepsake for the residents. However, it didn’t take long for one resident to put the ring in his mouth to get the frosting off the ring when some of the other residents with dementia etc. saw that and start trying to eat the plastic ring. Some of them were actually able to bite the plastic ring in half and were chewing on it before one of the staff members saw what was happening and was able to get them to spit the plastic out before they were able to swallow it. That ended the part about the residents keeping the rings… The rings were all immediately taken off the cupcakes and they were taken away from anyone that had one in their possession…


When all the plastic rings had been collected, the residents were able to enjoy eating their cupcakes while they awaited the arrival of the man, Karl, that was to provide music entertainment in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Karl is a favorite among the residents and is a monthly regular. He sings Karaoke and really puts on quite the show… One resident, Linda, who resides in the lock down unit and was only allowed out to enjoy the music, and doesn’t usually even talk, got so excited she walked up to Karl and asked to sing with him. Karl was more than happy to let Linda sing with him however the music theme was supposed to be Irish songs. But Linda wanted to sing songs like, I heard it through the grapevine, Chain, Chain, Chain, and anything but Irish songs. Karl happened to know that Linda rarely ever talks and knew that this was a special moment for Linda, so he put his arm around Linda and they sang every song Linda wanted to sing. Linda got her groove on and really got down with her singing and dancing…Then after about four songs, she simply turned and danced back to her seat. And without hesitation, Karl started right in singing Oh Danny Boy which always brings me to tears but even more so then because I had just witnessed such a moving experience between Karl and Linda….God bless them both…!


I have to say that was the best St. Patrick’s Day I’ve ever had…

Hope all of you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day too! 🙂

Stay Tuned!

Getting Ready

If you follow my blog you know that my husband Bill and I are getting ready to retire. The original plan was to retire in January. That changed to April when Bill came home one day and said he is worn out and just wants to retire ASAP! With that, we decided we would put our house on the market in May, and as soon as it sells, we would buy our motorhome and hit the road on our way to becoming full-time RVers…

The first order of business for Bill was to get his Social Security and insurance plan all set up for him. Since he is already 66 years of age, he can continue to work full-time without penalties and still collect his Social Security checks… We also had to find a health care plan for me since I am only 63 and unable to get Medicare until I am 65. All of that is in the works now even as I am writing this post.

While all the insurance and Social Security business was going on, I was busy sorting through lots and lots of family photos and sending or giving them to family members I thought would be interested in having them. I’m almost finished with that. Only a few more family members to send photos to then I can mark that off my to-do-list…

I’ve also been very busy selling our furniture and personal belongings at cut rates to family and friends in an effort to have our house as empty as possible when it starts being shown to potential buyers. Most of our furniture and lots of our personal belongs sold within 45 minutes on the very first day.

Some rooms in our home now sometimes have an echo because all or most of the furniture and wall hangings have been removed. This is all that is left in the guest room I had fixed up so cute. That was Shantel’s dresser and yep, it’s got to go too!


Everything but this coffee table/storage chest is gone from our living room, and these few wall hangings.


My Brother, Danny and his wife Bea, bought the bulk of our wall hangings, and larger pieces of furniture. Danny is coming over Saturday morning to pick up this huge cabinet that was filled with crystal and liquor all of which was included in the price of the cabinet. Only for my Bro would I make a deal like that. He is going to paint the front panels in bright Mexican colors, put it on his patio, and use it as an outdoor bar! How fun!!!


Now all that remains in our living room is the china hutch filled with beautiful china and the dining room table which is all for sale as well. In fact whatever doesn’t sell to family/friends is going to be offered for sale to potential buyers of our house and/or sold in upcoming garage sales…


I’m moving the pub table out of the kitchen for showing the house, but of course, it is for sale as well.


All that is left of the furniture in the family room is the La-Z-Boy reclining sofa and rocking chair we just bought last April and are going to sell at a huge discount. So soft and comfortable, made from shredded leather. We just love it but…no room in our motorhome for that either. Even the wooden bench I use as a coffee table has to go…


I’m sorting out what I will take with us in the motorhome (which isn’t much) and boxing up all the rest of our personal belongings that will be sold in garage sales. These I will store in the garage until we decide on the date of the first sale.


As of this writing, things have change yet again… Bill said now he thinks he will continue to work until the house actually sells. I told him that was fine and that “the only thing standing between him and retirement, was him.” Because I’m sooooooooooooo ready… well, almost. We’re putting the house on the market in April now, a month earlier than the original plan, but that is fine with me… I’m on a mission and I’m getting ready to go follow our dream!

Stay Tuned!

I Just Can’t Keep Everything

My husband, Bill and I are going to retire on January 7th, 2016. Bill will retire from his out of the home job, and I will retire from my in home and everything else job… 🙂 We are going to sell our home, and everything in it, buy a motorhome and become full-time RVers traveling throughout the United States and Canada…

So, in order to prepare for this big life changing event, my first order of business/big project, is to research everything I can find about motorhomes, and full-time RV life… and go through and sort all of our family photos and personal items that we will not have room for in our motorhome. I have spent the past two weeks doing just that.

I not only have all of the family photos that Bill and I acquired over the years before the age of digital cameras, but I also acquired all my mother’s years and years of family photos. OMG, I’m talking about trunk loads of photos…. there ought to be a law against hording photos…. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer about family treasures…. but I can’t imagine why anyone would want as many photos as I am looking through, sorting into piles to ship off or give to other family members that might want to have these treasures for their very own… Good thing there are names on the back of most of the old photos because without that, I wouldn’t have a clue who some of those people even were… I have been working on these photos for the past week and this isn’t even a slight dent in what is left…


It seems like the more I sort through, the more there is to sort through… I will be at this for a long, long, time… 🙂

In addition to sorting through piles of family photos, I’m also going through precious personal items like my daughter’s ( Katie and Shantel) childhood drawings, cards, etc. I came across this note that Shantel dictated to my father while I was at work one day. It is dated November 5th, 1999. It says: “Dear Mama, Please don’t ever give anything away again unless you ask me first or you will be sorry and we will take you to an attorney but not to jail. Love you, Shantel


That is priceless! Apparently I cleaned out her room/toy box and gave some things away that I thought she never played with anymore and of course she went looking for it the very next day.. go figure! 🙂

I also came across these tiny precious little bracelets my mother saved all these years. They were placed on new-born babies born in Washington Pennsylvania. They spell out the last name of the new-born baby. My brothers, Tommy and Danny, and I all received one. My brother, Stephen was born in Phoenix so he didn’t get this type of bracelet… But what am I going to do with these now? My brother Danny doesn’t want them and since we are going from a home to a motorhome, I just can’t keep everything… But aren’t they sweet?


Little things like these, collected over time, help shape our lives… Again, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer here, because apparently they were precious trinkets to my mother since she saved them all these years. But now she doesn’t even know they exist. So, in the end they are just trinkets that have no meaning to anyone but our family and I just can’t keep everything…

Stay Tuned!

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