Bryce Canyon

Words cannot describe the beauty of Bryce Canyon. Especially if you have never seen it before. Before Bill and I took our day trip to see Bryce Canyon, I had only seen pictures of it. However, when we rode the shuttle bus to Bryce Point, the highest point of the canyon, and the shuttle made the turn into the parking area, the absolute beauty of it took my breath away and I was speechless, which for those that know me know that doesn’t happen often….What words would you use to describe this when seeing it for the first time?


Or this?


The picture above shows what are called Hoodoo formations. Hoodoos don’t grow like trees but are eroded out of the cliffs where rows of narrow walls form. These thin walls of rock are called fins. Frost-wedging enlarges cracks in the fins, creating holes or windows. As windows grow, their tops eventually collapse, leaving a column. Rain further dissolves and sculpts these limestone pillars into bulbous spires called hoodoos. The delicate climatic balance between snow and rain ensures that new hoodoos will emerge while others become reduced to lumps of clay.

Bill and I just couldn’t look at all this beauty long enough, and several shuttle busses passed us by before we could bring ourselves to leave the area and go on to the next view-point. I just couldn’t imagine that there could be anything that could match the beauty of the hoodoos… But we soon realized that everywhere we looked was just stunning beauty…like this


and this


Each stop along the shuttle run offered another opportunity to enjoy what is now our new backyard, at least for the next few months!


Not being “worldly travelers” by any stretch of the word…although Bill has done a little more traveling than I… we were just completely taken back by all we saw and the wonder of it all. Like two kids at Christmas, we just couldn’t take it all in fast enough, or know where to look next…


In my last post I tried to sum up what prompted us to want to give up all our possessions, including our home, and become full-time RVers… I hope these pictures can help add to my words of why “Less Is Now Really More” at least it is for Bill and I, and we are having the time of our lives!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. gotham girl
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 01:28:52

    I’m thinking it was about 26 years ago when I saw Bryce Canyon for the very first time. I had not seen much outside of the state of Virginia and I can’t tell you what an impact it had on me. I loved that area…wish I had some of my old photos here with me in NYC…but when I get back to AZ I’ll send a couple your way. I love that you’re giving us an overview of what you are experiencing…but don’t forget to give us those details of what it’s like living in a motor home. Can’t wait to hear! You two are beyond inspirational! Love you! More…


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 13:33:24

      I would love to see your photos of Bryce Canyon. So far, it is the most amazing and impactful place I’ve ever seen. Blog on details of living in our motorhome is coming…. stay tuned! xoxo

      P.S. I changed my city from Chandler to Hurricane Utah, at least for now! Thanks for the reminder.


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