Details Of Living Large In A Small Space

Well, some of you asked for more details, so it is my pleasure to deliver them up to you! When asked for more details of what it is like living in a motorhome I thought I would give you some examples of what a typical daily routine is like. But first I have to say that our motorhome lacks nothing as far as providing every comfort of home. Good thing, because this is now our home…

I suspect that just like everyone else, I get up in the morning and make up the sleep number bed. I love that bed and couldn’t believe I would have one in a motorhome. Notice Velveteen (green and yellow) and Hug-a-Muffin (two of Shantel’s favorite childhood toys that she left behind but I just couldn’t) are enjoying the sleep number bed too.


There is lots of storage space in our motorhome, even under the sleep number bed. The mattress lifts right up to reveal a nice storage space where we keep extra blankets and our winter coats that are nicely tucked into vacuum sealed storage bags.


After the bed is made, Bill/Bro and I have our coffee and enjoy fixing breakfast together. Our kitchen has double sinks for fast clean up,


but I love that they have covers you can put over the sinks allowing one sink exposed during food prep,


or you can cover both sinks for extra food prep space..


When we are not working (we only work 20-30 hours combined between Bill and I), after a morning of lounging around enjoying coffee and watching the people out on the lake, I will go in and take my shower. Nothing to complain about here… We have hot and cold running water even when we are not hooked up to full electric, sewer, and water because we also have solar panels on the roof outside. Sorry, I wasn’t going to climb on the roof to capture that picture you will just have to take my word for it… Ha!


Our little tiny toilet is made from porcelain (just like a house), and in a separate room from the shower area (love that) but you don’t even have to touch this one with your hands… notice the foot pedal that flushes everything into the sewer (just like in a house..).


When I say we are fully hooked up in a park space like we are now, this is what it looks like for those of you that may not know….  The large black hose with the orange ring on the end is our sewer line that empties directly into the sewer here at the park. Works just like a sewer line in any home. The smaller black cable is our electric line that hooks directly into the electric here at the park. Runs our two refrigeration units that cool our motorhome and all our lights etc. just like in any home. The white line is our water line that hooks directly to the water line here in the park… And, the best thing about all this is when we are work/camping like we are now, all our water, electric, and sewer is FREE!!!


If/when we ever go what is called “dry camping” we would be running off our own self-contained energy, i.e. our solar/and or our generator, and using water that would be stored in our water tanks and we would then have to go to what is called a “dump station” where you go and dump your “black” or sewer water and your “gray” or shower type water… Most parks and campgrounds have dump stations, if not you just have to look one up in your area.

When living in small spaces, you tend to gravitate to small things, like this tiny little vacuum cleaner I use everyday to vacuum up any cat hair from our cat Carmen, and to get up any cat litter she sometimes scatters out of her litter box when she goes about her “business”..


I also have a tiny little ironing board that actually hangs in the closed. How sweet is that..? And, doesn’t Bill/Bro just look delighted to hold that up for me so I could snap a picture for you all… I interrupted something he was doing on the computer…. I so get that, and I hate it when that happens… Ha!


That’s OK, when he finished what he was doing he moved on to his favorite spot to relax. Our driver and passenger seats in our motorhome even do double duty… they turn completely around, recline, and we even have foot stools so you can put your feet up and take a little snooze… Bill/Bro takes advantage of that when I’m writing my blog posts…


When living in small spaces you come to love things that do double duty… Our microwave is also a convection oven that works just like any regular oven to brown things. Ours will even do both microwave/brown together. SWEET!


Our little tiny washer/dryer combo is the cutest thing I ever saw and I just LOVE it. You have to wash smaller loads but I just make it part of my daily routine to put a load in everyday or two. It also takes longer (up to two hours per load) but hey, when the load is done, it’s DONE… washed and dried and ready to just hang up or fold and put away… Can’t beat that with a stick in my book… 🙂


When we are not working or exploring all the beauty Utah has to offer, Bill/Bro and I love to cook. Our kids, Patrick and his wife Celina, Katie and her husband Josh, and our son Marty gave us a Traeger Smoker/Grill and we have had so much fun playing around with different recipes to cook in that. Just last night I mixed up and turkey meatloaf and Bill/Bro smoked/cooked it out on the Traeger Grill. We served it up with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and cucumber/onion salad… YUMMERS… Life is soooooooooooo GOOD!!!


Tonight Bill/Bro is going to smoke a pizza out on the smoker/grill. Can’t wait for that!!

We have a full-size residential French-door refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom that is always fully stocked and ready at a moments notice to allow me to whip up appetizers or a dinner for anyone that might stop by… because I’m going to be the best camp host EVER… Ha!


The outside of our motorhome has six large bay areas, we call them our basement…. that houses any and everything we need. Extra supplies, got to have a place for my wine…., and our outside patio chairs, B-B-Q grill etc.


I don’t know what more anyone could ask for in regards to creature comforts of a home… We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new lifestyle and have only had a couple of bumps in the road as we worked through getting used to where and what everything is and what it does in our new motorhome… Like a little thing called an inverter…. that keeps the refrigerator on when we are traveling down the highway. On our way from Phoenix to Colorado (12 plus hours) the inverter went out and I had to stand up every 15 minutes, reach over my head above my seat, ALL the way to Colorado, and push a button to turn it back on again… NOT FUN, NOT FUN at ALL!!! This is what that inverter command station looks like, something I very quickly had to learn more than I ever wanted to know about.. But, it’s all part of the journey… and you won’t hear me complain, well, not too much! 🙂 🙂


Any questions? I’m happy to answer any and all questions about our new life any time!

Stay Tuned!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jun 21, 2015 @ 20:19:10

    What a fabulous overview!! Would love to hear Bro’s perspective on driving that monster! And I’m sure I have a zillion more questions so I’ll start writing them down! Thanks for the update!! xoxo more!


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 21, 2015 @ 20:47:37

      Bro said driving this “monster” is a piece of cake IF you drive slower, and take wide turns, so you don’t run over the curbs… I have yet to even begin seriously thinking about EVER driving this…. Way too big for me, and I don’t believe just anyone should get behind the wheel of this without being trained and/or certified. In the past, Bro drove a big semi-truck with a dump trailer, so he does know what he is doing. Love and miss you and think about you and mom always… Can’t wait to get your list of more question, because I’m interested in what others want to know about what we are doing with this change of lifestyle… XoXo


  2. Karen Reno
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 01:06:13

    Do you tow a car behind you? We rented a motor home years ago and after we got settled in our campsite, which involved a lot of backing up, I suddenly declared I needed to go to the grocery store and we had to drive the big thing to the store! Larry and I considered buying a RV and driving around the good old USA, but when we figured out the cost, it was just too expensive to keep a home and do this on the side. I think you are doing it the right way!


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 22, 2015 @ 02:04:15

      Hi Karen, thank you so much for your response/question to my blog… Yes, we do tow our Kia behind our motorhome. Our motorhome is 39 feet long and way too big to just travel around any town with… so we invested in a dolly that will tow our Kia anywhere we go and we use that to get around any town/area we are in … As I mentioned in my blog post, Bill and I decided to go full-time RVing which is why we sold everything we owned including our home and now we take advantage of work/camp positions that are available all over the USA. We are work/camping now which means we work 20-30 hours combined between Bill and I in exchange for our park space fee and full electric, sewer, and water hook-ups. So when we work/camp we are parked (no fuel fees and no park fees) we pretty much live FREE minus our food and gas in our Kia to get around town.. Sweet deal!


  3. Holly
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 13:59:21

    Hey Girlfriend, really nice job of explaining the daily life in your home.
    No one will completely understand until they walk up your stairs and see what luxury you have. Even with the wings not opened your home is a very wonderful place to see. Open those wings up and it is larger than a lot of apartments. If you want to get a visual of what Virginia’s house looks like go to an RV sales center and look at the largest RV they have. Make sure it has two wings in the front and one in the back. Then you also have to make sure it has tile floors, big fridge, wonderful bathroom with separate toilet room and a nice bedroom that you can walk around the queen size bed. Virginia and Bill have chosen well and I am so excited for all of their adventures.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 22, 2015 @ 15:53:48

      Well hey, Girlfriend. Thanks for following my blog now and especially for leaving your kind comments. Bill and I are loving this new retirement life so full of new adventures each and everyday. Love and miss you and think of you always. Your sissy… XoXo


  4. katsbynp
    Jun 23, 2015 @ 01:12:09

    Thanks for sharing! It really helped get the daily life in your new home. I especially like your writing conveying how much you really enjoy it. I never thought about all the comforts of home you really do have. I do enjoy reading Virginia and Bill’s Adventures! Xoxo


    • beyondcinderella
      Jun 23, 2015 @ 13:24:51

      Thank you Kathy. Yes, these “big rig” motorhomes are really homes on wheels. Ours is what is called a class (A) diesel pusher and it has a real diesel truck fame and motor in it so when we are going up mountain roads we have the same power as a diesel truck has and when riding down the road it is a much smoother ride than a gas motorhome would have. Because of it’s size and weight, it is of course slower than a car on mountain roads, but when you get to where you are going… your home! We just love it and our new lifestyle. XoXo


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