Making Bad Day’s Good

As you know if you follow my blog, my husband Bill and I are retired, full-time RVers, and are currently camp hosts at Quail Creek State Park in beautiful Utah. We love this place and love that we have the opportunity to work 30 hours combined between Bill and I in exchange for our space fee and full electric, sewer and water hook-ups for our RV…

While our “official” title is camp host, I was wrangled/talked into working my two work day shifts in the booth taking money for day passes which is what you give people when they want to just come in and spend the day at the lake in their boat and/or picnic, swim, fish, etc. at the lake… I also assign camp sites to people that want to spend the night at the lake in a motorhome or tent etc… Not too bad, sounds like a fun little job right?

After my initial training period which in reality was watching someone do the job for one shift then being told by the Park Complex Manager that she “has every confidence in my abilities” so she wanted to put me on a shift by myself if I was willing to give it a try… Well, of course everything looks real easy when you are watching someone else do it and/or they are standing right there to help you if you get stuck, like not knowing which of the two separate computer systems you are supposed to be working in depending on if you are doing day passes or overnight passes… So, I agreed…

All was going REAL good for the first few shifts I worked alone, and I was really thinking this is a piece of cake…. Then… it happened…. I was working the booth alone one evening and don’t you know everyone and their sister wanted to come camping that night. When you assign a campsite out, you have to put in the person’s name, address, zip, phone number, method of payment, print a receipt, write-up and window pass with camp site number on it and the date they are to check-out of the camp site and give them a map and explain the rules of the campground to them…. all this for every campsite rented out… 🙂

In addition to assigning out every one of our 24 campsites that evening, I also had to contend with a bass fishing competition that showed up unannounced! Why is that such a BIG deal, you might ask…? Well, for every boat that comes to the lake, the person working the booth must get the boat identification number, ask the boat owner what was the last body of water the boat was on (if it was on a body of water that is contaminated with quagga or zebra mussels they have to be inspected and if any water is found in the boat they are sent six miles down the road to be decontaminated and given a seal that I must cut off when they come back before letting them launch their boat on our lake…) then, we must find out how many people are in the car/truck, and get their zip code. All this information has to be logged on paper while standing outside by the boat then logged into the computer when you get time to catch your breath… Now again, this was a bass fishing competition and everyone in the state of Utah showed up that night… at least it felt that way to me… I was so swamped I called Bill and asked him to come down and just help me get the boat information while I was taking their money and printing their receipts because, yes, they all have to have day passes to participate in the bass fishing competition…

By the end of the shift, both Bill and I were exhausted and happy to go home and have happy hour…. did I mention we are trying to be retired…? I never worked so fast in all my life!

But that was then. Now fast forward to the next evening when I worked the booth alone again for my second shift. When I arrived at the booth, I was very excited to find that every campsite had already been rented out for the night so I just knew it was going to be a nice slow evening…. piece of cake, gravy job… you know that feeling when you just know all is right in your world…?

Well, picture my face and imagine my shock and horror when about an hour into my shift a truck pulls up with two men in it and they tell me that they are from the Search and Rescue Department and they are going to have A LOT of search and rescue people coming with their families for a B-B-Q to thank them for their service then they are going to give new members lessons on search and rescue in our lake… What did that mean for me..? Well, I had to make up a card (hand written) for each car/truck that arrived with the Search and Rescue team showing who they are and the date. I also had to get the license plate number and name of every person that participated in the event, all while taking money and printing receipts for all the other general public admissions that wanted to just go play on the lake… Again I called Bill and begged him to come and help me… Lucky for me he loves me and said “sure I will be more than happy to come and help..” I LOVE that man..  And again, by the end of the evening both Bill and I were exhausted and more than happy to get back home and have another happy hour… after all… we are trying to be RETIRED and we are not supposed to be having any “bad” work day’s….. 🙂

But the next day, both Bill and I were off so we headed out to visit the historical section of St. George Utah. What a beautiful place. The historical section of St. George offers a walking tour where you can visit historical houses and buildings and beautiful gardens where we saw all kinds of unique and beautiful art sculptures and waterways..

This piece was done by Jerry Anderson and titled “America” it also had a price of $7,500.00 on it.


Here is Bill standing in front of a vintage carousel.


This piece by Jack Morford is titled “Book Peddlers” I think I’ve seen this before and I’m thinking it was in NYC!


Here is “The Sand Man” dedicated to all the people that helped bag sand to try to hold back water when the Virgin River overflowed and was flooding the town.


Then we came upon this really cool water way. Families come from all over to let their kids play in the water.


These two fat toads sit looking out over the water ways..


The waterway flows all through the park. Doesn’t this look refreshing to walk through on a warm day?


When we finished our walking tour, we had lunch with the Beatles


under this beautiful flag..


We dined on some of the best fish and chips I’ve ever had… YUMMERS!!!


And that my dear friends, is how we take “bad work day’s” and make them good!!!

Stay Tuned!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. gotham girl
    Jul 19, 2015 @ 23:06:48

    Oh my!!! Where’s the retirement, lol!!! Loved reading all about it and your photos are great! Thanks for sharing it all with us!!! Love you! More!


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 20, 2015 @ 12:43:21

      Yes, Frissy, I am amazed at what Bro and I get ourselves into… but the good news is we get our space and utilities free and we only have to put up with working two shifts each… When we camp host in Az. we will be at San Tan and they dont’ have overnight camping or a lake… just hiking and the nature center… 🙂


  2. katsbynp
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 02:17:22

    Even though it sounded like booth duty was hectic, seems like you got through it with flying colors thanks to some teamwork. The pictures are beautiful. I am having fun reading about your activities. Thanks for sharing both stories and pictures.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 20, 2015 @ 12:46:43

      Yes Kathy, Bill and I make a great team and we never hesitate to jump in and help each other where needed… We both know we can count on each other and that makes everything better.. 🙂 XoXo


  3. Ellen Kaufman
    Jul 20, 2015 @ 04:00:05

    All I can say is WOW what a couple of days!!! You two needed a break. Glad you got through it and maybe your next shift will be much easier. Enjoyed your sights and info on your day trip and lunch looked real good. Hope next shift is a better one☺️


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