Run Day, Fun Day…

The only bad thing we’ve found about our temporary living arrangements as camp hosts in Utah is the sky-high price of buying beer and/or wine. You can buy 3.2 beer in any local grocery store or Wal-Mart. However, if you want wine, you have to go to a State Liquor Store to purchase it at a sticker shock price of approx. 3X’s the price we paid in Arizona. What to do…?

Well, our home base here in Utah is only 40 miles one way from Mesquite Nevada which is just across the Nevada border where you can buy all the real beer and wine you want at real discounted prices… So, when we need to stock up on beer/wine, we make a day of it and head for Mesquite Nevada… Today was our beer/wine, run/fun day…

Nevada has lots more to offer besides cheep beer/wine… It has Casino’s on almost every corner… So we Googled what was the BEST Casino buffet in Mesquite Nevada and hit upon the Virgin River Casino. So naturally we planned our day so we would arrive at the Virgin River Casino just in time to have a wonderful buffet lunch. The buffet is all you can eat for $8.99 for the lunch menu. We were not allowed to take pictures within the Casino but trust me the buffet was to die for… I had two pork ribs with a side of b-b-q- sauce, a sampling of pasta primavera that was delicious, and a “real” baked potato (you know the kind they rub oil and course salt on the skin and bake it in a real oven as opposed to a microwave), and it comes out so wonderful you don’t need to cover it all up with other stuff… just a little butter and pepper and YUMMERS!!! They also had the biggest salad, soup, pizza, and desert bars I have ever seen. I was just happy (and full) with my ribs, pasta, and baked potato.. Bill had some honey wings, two pork ribs, the pasta primavera, and a slice of carrot cake.

After lunch we went out into the Casino to try our hand at gambling. We don’t gamble as a rule, but we decided since we were there we would take $50.00 between us and when it was gone, we would be gone. I lost my money on the 25 cent slot machine in all of about 15 minutes. Bill on the other hand enjoyed playing a poker machine for a couple of hours with his half of the money. He would win a little then go back down… and that went on and on for a couple of hours. I wandered into the gift shop that was empty except for the woman working there, so I spent about 45 minutes chatting it up with her. Then I went to see if Bill was ready to leave and he was. So we went a few miles down the road to Lee’s Discount Liquor store where we hit the jackpot of a different kind.

My wine of choice is Yellow Tail Chardonnay. I have tried all kinds of other chardonnay’s but always come back to Yellow Tail. Lee’s usually charges $14.00 for the 1.5L bottle of Yellow Tail, but today they had the 750ml bottles on sale for $4.00. Basically, that means we only paid $8.00 for the equivalent of one of the larger bottles. Now that is a deal we could not resist… So, of course we bought (3) 12 bottle cases. No judging…. 🙂 This is a trip we only make every couple of months… and due to construction within the Virgin River Gorge, which is the only convenient way in and out of Mesquite Nevada from our side of the border.., we had to endure treacherous mountain roads to get there and back.

Like this




When Karen and Jim Parmenter were here to visit us in Utah, Karen and I talked about how scary it was to go through mountain roads like Ouray Colorado which Bill and I, and Karen and Jim, all went through at different times in our travels in Colorado… Don’t look down Karen… 🙂


Wow, I was so happy to finally see the familiar white Mormon Temple in St. George, which means we are minutes from our camp site in Quail Creek!


So what did Bill/Bro get out of this day other than a fabulous day with me, wonderful lunch, and playing poker at the casino.. you might ask…? Well, he got a Corona Extra beer and a lime… What more could he ask for..?


Just kidding… he already had a case of beer here but he picked up another case because it will be awhile before we make this trip again…


Come join us anytime… :):)

Stayed Tuned!

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Humanitarian Explorer
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 22:35:13

    Beautiful! I am currently exploring the Oregon Coast. I was in Washington State several weeks ago and went to the store with my friends who wanted to get some whiskey for the night. We went and saw the pricetag of $15.99, not too bad for the 1.75 size. My friend took it to the register and it rang up at $25.99. He was like, “what?” (He had just moved to Washington a couple days before). Apparently they have a high “sin” tax in Washington.

    How is the park host gig going? Other than the alcohol prices of the area.


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 23, 2015 @ 22:48:33

      Thank you for reading and following my blog. Welcome. I just shared with my husband your comments about the “sin” tax in Washington and he was as shocked and I am. Good to know as we are new full-time RVers and plan to travel the US and Canada. It is good to know what states have these outrageous prices/taxes on liquor so we know how to stock up before we venture into them… The park hosting is great. We work a combined 30 hours per week between us (2 shifts each) in exchange for our full electric, water, sewer hook-up. We are currently camp host at Quail Creek State Park in Utah. Our motorhome sits overlooking a beautiful lake. We will be here until mid October then we will camp host in Arizona for the winter months.


  2. gotham girl
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 22:43:13

    I’m having happy hour right now reading this very enjoyable post! Great deal on the Yellow Tail!!! So love reading about your adventures. Keep em coming! Love you! More! And yes, NO JUDGING! 🙂


  3. lucie vezie
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 23:42:23

    Love it, you gotta have the necessities no matter where you call home. 👍


  4. Ellen Kaufman
    Jul 24, 2015 @ 02:57:35

    Glad you are able to find such a bargain for your wine and can enjoy some fine places and a delicious lunch while you were there. We can’t go without our Happy Hour as it is some fun to look forward to, we are drinking our black box wine now and taste pretty pretty good😍and of course it is all for our healthy reasons! Happy you are enjoying the mountain views and never stop dancing!!!❤️💋


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 24, 2015 @ 12:28:35

      Yes, Aunt Ellen, we look forward to our happy hour as well and of course it’s all about keeping healthy… our happy hour started out helping to keep us sane and now it’s just a whole lot of FUN!!! Love an hugs, and we will never stop dancing now. 🙂 🙂


  5. katsbynp
    Jul 25, 2015 @ 01:36:51

    Those mountain roads certainly do look scary but your lunch, casino trip and especially your Yellow Tail Chardonnay jackpot made it worth it! Thanks for sharing these wonderful posts. Xoxo


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