Home Is Where You Make It

As the summer heat continues to beat down on our temporary home here at Quail Creek State Park in Utah, I am reminded of the hot, dry, summer heat we left behind when we moved from our home in Chandler Arizona. Now, I’m not complaining because I would much rather deal with the heat than any type of cold weather. But this hot dry heat is really having a negative effect on the water level here at Quail Lake.

Even though we have had several nights of pouring rain over the past couple of weeks, it has not been near enough to keep the lake water from receding to a low level that is very noticeable.

These trees were under water when Bill and I arrived here on June 9th, 2015.


The first night we arrived here, I sat on that bench at the end of this fishing dock and dangled my feet into the water.


Now even the wild life seem confused about where the water is going… and what is happening to their home..


With the water so low, God only knows what giant creature came along and made this home under the fishing dock…


But still, even with the low water levels, this is still a beautiful place to call home…


Being newly retired and enjoying the full-time RV life, home for me is truly where I make it. I have always loved decorating my home wherever my home may be…and my RV home is no different. All I need to make anywhere I live feel like home, is to have a few things I love placed around my home so I can see them as I walk from room to room. I especially love decorating with special treasures that people I love made and/or gave me.

Aside from treasured family photos, these are a few examples of some treasures I just couldn’t part with when we made the decision to sell our house, and almost everything we owned, so we could live the RV life…

I just had to keep my black shawl that hung over my kitchen window in our Chandler home. And I would never part with the Lazy Susan my friends Megs and Audrey gave me for my birthday that now holds my bible, or the special cross my brother Danny and his wife Bea bought for me when they visited Mexico.


And this piece that my dear Frissy gave me because she said it reminded her of our friendship. It always makes me smile.


 This little owl that Frissy gave me is now the perfect little tooth pick holder


perfect for small spaces…


I LOVE this angel Megs gave me as a thank-you for watching her precious twin granddaughters when their mother was not feeling well and Megs and Audrey both had to work…


My Aunt Betty, my mother’s oldest sister, may she rest in peace, handmade this beautiful rug for my mother and now I have it to enjoy. Aunt Betty even hand dyed the yarn she used in the rug herself. I think it is just beautiful and tried many times to display it in our Chandler home but it wasn’t big enough to use as an area rug in that home, and Shantel tripped over it. But now that I’m living in a small space…


it fits just perfectly in the dressing area of our RV…


So with Bill/Bro by my side, when I set back and look around our home… I smile knowing home is truly what you make it… wherever that might be…


Stay Tuned!


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A Wandering Memory
    Jul 27, 2015 @ 18:15:17

    Nice way of living… I used to live in salt lake a long while ago… Love Utah


  2. gotham girl
    Jul 27, 2015 @ 18:18:39

    I love this!!! And what is so interesting…is that I’ve been giving thought on what I wanted to have you talk about in an upcoming blog post…and leaving treasures behind vs. keeping in your small home is/was the main topic! Wonderful!!! Stay tuned as I refine the questions…because what you’ve done…given all your possessions away/sold/etc. is something that very few people ever do in the lifetime until THAT day comes…THAT being when we go into a nursing home etc.etc. Also you are giving people first hand accounts of the water levels is something that so many people don’t even think about…so wonderful for you to share and EDUCATE folks as well. Keep it up my sweet!! Love you!


  3. Ellen kaufman
    Jul 27, 2015 @ 23:07:45

    That is so nice to display all those beautiful things that you love and each mean something so dear to your heart! I remember that rug also when Betty was making and she made me one just like it , but made it a different shape! She was talented doing things like that. It is so crazy this weather, my friend, Dawn who lives in California are suffering with no rain and now they are having so many fires in their vicinity. Continue enjoying motor home . We love you!


    • beyondcinderella
      Jul 27, 2015 @ 23:35:12

      Yes, Aunt Ellen when you are moving out of a home, with a lifetime of memories, and into a motorhome… you really have to decide what you can take into a real small space… Not that everything you have doesn’t have a special meaning… but the first priority for me became what can I take that will have meaning/memories to us and fit into our new much smaller home… Yes, Bill and I give thanks everyday for the blessings we have been given to be retired and living our retirement dream… We love you too. XoXo


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